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Dec, 31 2016 (Last Update: Fri, 18 Sep 2020)

Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks

*Disclaimer:I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. In order to maintain their anonymity in some instances I have changed the names of individuals and places, I may have changed some identifying characteristics and details such as physical properties, occupations and places of residence. Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Some True events will be passed off as dreams or nightmeres, do to the fact it is not safe for the story to be told as a true story of what it is. The truth of those may or may not be disclosed at a later date. Do not approach to ask me which dreams, or nightmere stories are based on truth. If and when it is safe to do so I will disclose this information.*

Dear Readers,

You may call Casey a figment of my imagination, or an imaginary friend.

But for me, Jones has been a major part of who I am all my life.

This book is a sequel to Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism, be sure to read this book first. This is a rough draft work in progress.

Some State I was Mr. John Luther "Casey" Jones in my past life, others state my mind somehow formed the personality, to cope with traumatic experiences. This book will have both the same experiences as the previous, but what will be covered in this one is more about the Spiritual Psychic, and Shamanic experiences of things. Some say I was him in my past life, others say his spirit is guiding me, as a Spirit guide...

Some say it is a walk-in soul braid agreement...

However, Casey and I do not see each other as separate but as one single person, approaching two different lives from a perspective of two different lifetimes, and time periods, and sometimes the shifting between I and Jones, is more prevalent.

Author's Note to readers: I do urge caution in reading many of these stories. Please pace yourself as they are some extremely heavy content for some readers...

You agree by reading further you do not hold authors, publishers, or distributors liable for your actions and that you are indeed responsible for your own actions. You understand the difference between reality and fantasy, are not on mind altering substances, ill or withdrawing from any drugs, or substances. As you read this. This is very important because this covers topics of multiple planes and realities and not just physical reality. Some of what I write about here can be very confusing to one who is not familiar with what in Shamanism is called The Art of Dreaming, or the Art of Manifestation. Reading and learning about this is not for everyone.

This is not to say if you have an illness or drug addiction you can not read my book, and site. This means you can not read it while under the influence, or withdrawing. I do not want anyone to read this without being totally sober and clean off drugs for valid safety reasons.

I also ask my fans and readers. If you so happen to come across the identity of one who has abused or harassed me in one of my stories. It is very very important to me that you never resort of violence towards them. If you end up witnessing something. Please, handle it in an appropriate non violent manner. This is very important to me personally. I do not share my stories to breed a negative atmosphere of triangulation. I share my stories to share my own experiences so people can understand me better, my experiences and where I come from and to learn.. Things in life are not always what it may appear or seem.

My writings, stories and experiences are not to be used as a tool to harass others. Sometimes my own actions I have done were right.. Other times they were not right at all.

Also by reading further, You are not to copy any exercises or activities I describe. Please, do not attempt to dabble or recreate anything from this story or my previous Casey Jones and Casey Heinzism story without proper training and guidance, and for heaven's sake do not even put yourself at dangerous risk of trauma. I can not stress this enough.

I also want to make it clear. Do NOT Trespass on railroad tracks, property or railroad equipment, and do not seek out severe electrical shock, or lightning strike surviving... I know it is a common misunderstanding that Electricity or Lightning Strike makes a person a psychic.. This is not true... Lightning Strike and Electrical Trauma does not give you powers, or make you psychic. Some maybe more aware of learn to develop what they already had after trauma... to survive... This does not give you psychic powers, gifts, or abilities.

If So ... Read on....


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