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10 Track work 2019, Road Master, Master Road.

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Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks wrote on: June 30, 2019

Track work 2019, Road Master, Master Road.

wrote on: June 30, 2019

Track work 2019, Road Master, Master Road.

Note: Also the Investigator Follow up:

From this point onward.. The known investigator in the Casey Jones story in the September incidents will be referred to as Road Master, and others helping or aiding him will be called MOW (Maintenance of Way.) Crew, Men or Woman..etc.... Since.. They are doing a separate job, aside of their normal jobs...

--- Then while they were talking.. They wanted to make sure my System was being maintained.. I will just call the people checking up on me Maintenance of Way Crew Workers....

One MOW crew woman said,

"I am just curious about you... I want to watch you..."

I was like um ok.. I was fumbling around with breakfast..

Someone had mixed chocolate flakes with some sort of corn puffs..

I do not know what the cereals are they are generic and usually put into plastic bins to stay more fresh anyhow...

So I poured two bowls full of cereal.. and they were laughing.. as one who mixed them came in and said,

"What are you doing?.."

I said, "Eating breakfast.."

He said, "Two bowls at once?"

I said, "nah.. as I clawed at the bottom lol.. I said digging my grubby hands around in it.. "

He then laughed I see to get to the Dark stuff.

I said,

"yep yep choc co latte!"

... As he shook his head.. No, giving me an odd look.

I said,

"Who mixed these cereals?.."

He said,

"I did..."

I said,

"your the doofus that mixed it this time.."

as I then put the rest back into the bin.... moved around.. to pour the milk and then put it away sit down and then bantered rapid fire with another resident about the drama..

The other resident said, "I wish I had the martial arts skills to beat people up like you can."...

I replied,

"That is not what they are for.. The best skill is to stop a fight before it happens.. I said you are built for intellectual smarts and not fighting.. please promise me you will use you head and not your fists... "

She replied,

"Okay, but I am a good fighter when I need to be.."

I said,

"I know you are tough and strong.. but remember The strongest Warriors are those who can stop a fight before it starts... That is the real ultimate art..."

Another resident too...calling me nasty names.. as I just reminded her I loved her still.. and that was not nice.. She smiled and stopped...

As I heard the male MOW man.. say on the hand held device to his ear.. could not tell if it was a phone a scanner, tablet or what..., He said loudly I am making a call to John first..

"Hello John, Would you like to help me?"

As Jones replied,


I said,

"Jones shut up they are not talking to you... as he interrupted..."

He said,

"yes, they are..."

They said,

"I know you prefer us to call you.. "

He said,

"Mr. Jones..."

But, we are calling you John for this moment..."

They did argue for a moment, and they got real stern with him about it.

As the resident said..

"Are you talking to her? .. the female MOW waved him off as she nodded yes.."

He said, "ok.. Watched me. Curiously scratching his head... .then resumed what he was doing...laundry"

.... and I did not catch it all as I was ignoring it and kept talking to the other resident I was eating breakfast with... and I was like sh Jones.. stop it...

They asked him questions.. I did not get it all but they mainly asked him if I was properly maintaining my system and keeping my energy up...

Then I toned it out...

I then started to respond as me and rolled my eyes then stopped from pain... in my arms.. I could feel the rails part and it hit me... I ate a few more bites then stopped as the burning sensation got intense in my track connection but before that I was like...

...What in the hell keeps tickling my tracks!..

..Sorry, I swore... Then I felt my arm.. and said Two rails? What two more rails?.. oh they must be doing track work.. Are they leaving two rails there? .. that is different.. I sort of like that.. like extra guide rail protection on bridges...

MOW Woman said,

"Did you say they are doing track work?"

I said,

"yes.. She said can you tell the location.."

I said,

"Yes.. Just west of county KK railroad crossing.. The crossing track panel is in..."

...as they were talking to someone else.. They said on the phone to someone tell me when.. very important to tell me when...

...I could not hear the phone.. and other one stopped talking and Jones was silent...

I then got an intense stretching and banging sensation in my arms and track channel I had to stretch my arms under the table a moment.. and my back.. and neck... as I blacked out on and off in pain..

I found I was going into 382 mode for moments but that mode knows when its track work so automatically shuts off..

So, I have to feel the track work pain as that is part of my agreement in offering the pain to Ogun... and in being one with the tracks..

I have to take the bad with the good.. This made me nervous.. as This felt so different than jointed Rail... Track Work...

I did not know until the day after this .. This was continous ribbon rail they worked with for sure.. Although I do remember being told by that investigator they were putting that in...

But I was skeptical...

But I did get images of them putting a railroad crossing in and binding the rail to it... But they heat and stretch the rail, and then bind it into place... Not sure how they welded ours those.. Thermite or what I was to hazy to remote view how.... so this type of rail is constantly held under tension...

As this tension I was feeling reminded me of that Investigator telling me they were going to do this and to expect a follow up....

At one point the MOW woman.. heard me mutter about wanting to kill someone ..

I said,

".. never mind I ain't going to do it just a feeling... "

She said,

"tell me now..."

I said,

"don't worry about it..."

She then struck the Rail hand sign,

and said,

"Tell me now!"..

"Roar with the heart of the Lion Strike back.. Steam hearted locomotive with no slack on the right track Now!" .. (something like that..,, a mishmashed ...part of lyrics from Be Yourself Fearless motivation...motivating me to stand up for myself and tell her..)

"Tell me Now,

Who do you want to kill,

and why?....

And would you do it..

and in what situation would you? and how?"

I Yelled,

(swearing edited)

"My Gol darn oral surgeon!.. He threatened to take the train away and threaten to throw me from the Freedom Train.. They looked at me confused... "..

"I would not really kill him unless he trapped me and I had no other route to escape... I would try every trick in the book to escape him, after he threatened to kill me.."

They asked confused, "threatening to kill you?"

I said,

"Yes Throw me off the Train The Freedom Train.."

Jones Said,

"Mc Ultra.. uh.. M K ultra throw us from the freedom Train means to kill us..."

.. "He is gol darn lucky that did not go off, and that a passing Amtrak Train immediately calmed him.." ...

.."If not for that Amtrak he would not let me see till to EOT device passed after they told him to let me see it.. when he streamed that crap into the lobby after making me all upset... He is lucky the train subdued me.. it subdued me..

I said am I using the right word subdued which alt is throwing in that word.. anyhow..."

"It immediately calmed me and helped my react somewhat better to the situation, but I was really hot..."

I resumed,

"mostly likely for him if I had to kill him.. I would have broken his nose and shoved it straight into his brains... And imitated the move, as if Bruce Lee......"

They all had mortified looks on their faces,

.."But.. I rather not do that... but If I had no other choice to escape I would break his nose or make him pass out in a choke hold... if none of my other martial arts tricks or moves worked to escape the situation usually I can escape but if trapped and I do not want to be I am like a cage animal and I will gouge your soul out of you..."

They were like wow... and terrified at my response....

I then muttered, "I would have loved to give that man's mind some real gol darn striking Charless treatment.. Some real striking... real bonafide evil charless treatment... "

Charless Interupted, ".. No, No.. we do not abuse our programs we only sacrifice people who wanted to be sacrifice in those hypnosis sacrificial programs.."

I said,

"I know I know...Just.. fantasizing.. not manifesting... "

The mow woman said,

"Did you report this?"

I replied,

"No.. not with everyone trying to make me look all striking schizo .. I did contact a friend in the higher ups but he said to go local.. out of his jurisdiction.. I guess.. but I did not as nothing seems to be done when I report local.. "....

"Do you think I would report sqwat like this crazy hide hole?... he should been caught by now but he keeps getting away with this.."

Jones interrupted,

".. This asshole is her sisters ex bf! .. The one that with her friends attacked his face shooting that novapin sqwat into his mouth.. I believe he was in on it!

She came back from getting her teeth pulled the day she attacked him!..

His sister is highly suggestive and easy to manipulate.. I am sure he did it... "

I said,

"Holy sqwat"... as they all did too. . "

I said,

"Jones this is the truth? Right? You better be telling the truth! .."

He Said,

"It is remember she was extra moody the next day and kept remarking to you she wish you went to him and saw him.. and hopes you did... giving you meaner than normal looks.."

They asked if there was police records of that attack....

I said,

"Yes, in Beloit Wisconsin in year 2002... Around April Fools...Day um.. April 3rd.."

They took me to the medical examiner and looked at me...

They verified this was true.. ..

...as Jones said,

"I think your sister was manipulated into this..

This man had a grudge towards you for getting thrown off a railroad railfanning yahoogroup for harassing you over your title of Rev."

(somehow Rev. Got into my To and From part in my email I did not know how to change it..)

I said,

"I know that is true... had I realized who he was I would not have gone to him.... And I said they made me wait.. When i called in around First week of March to make the appointment or was it the second week.. I was suppose to get the one tooth out... and that fishturd pulled my teeth on April 30th! Casey Jones train wreck anniversary..

... and made comments of paying my price.. I thought it was funny at first.. until he told me I had to wear a helmet and face guard.. and took out more bone in my face than he did... and made comments about some stupid avengers movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) about your name is scorch now and I am going to burn you... I did not know the movie reference but after I saw the movie later I was really mad...

I said,

"To much to say..,"

They asked if I had it wrote down I gave my site name...

Asked me for names of any witnesses.. and I only knew first name, another other gave other name to them...

The MOW woman asked,

".. Who is Charless or Charles is he dangerous?"

He cut in imitating Charles Manson sounding just like him,

"Muwhahah she wants to talk to me.. me is charles.. growl.. me is going to eat people me is dangerous.. me is Not dangerous this is a damn act.. I like to pretend to be Manson.."

..as I then snapped at him,

"Charless Knock it the strike off you give me the darn creeps as I started to growl and bark at him.."

Then got really excited..

as it got really weird as 5 of my alts were trying to talk at once and all of their voices came out as if 5 people were arguing at once standing there.. I never had that happen before, I was in shock....

I said,

"Darn .. I wish I could do that at will and have a recording on cam and voice.. or in person concert..... I would be into lots of moneys then... They all were in shock and knew it was no special effects..."

He laughed..

He Said,

"I am Charless I will show you what I am really like... I help Casey and the system I am not a threat, to him or anyone else for that matter.

I just do dark humor and jokes.. but I can be harsh with the hypnosis programs... I however with them only give them what they request for, and do my best on added safeties...

Casey! Activate Neural Linguistic Program Switcsh mode...

(it is called Swish, he subliminal added the word Switch)

Kill oral surgeon...

A realistic AI sounded 382 voice occured.. and Said Program has been activated...

He then Talked in extremely high speed fast forward style..

Casey put your arms into the braces..

taps the Braces...

left on kill the oral surgeon

right one let him live..







kill Swiiiiish no kill... no kill...

Like a duck ....Quack...

(Reference to Like a Duck in a Noose, he will hang themselves to disable homocidal feelings Mind Control Cue).


We let him live..

Why do we let him live Casey?...

(something like that was fast for me to even follow. Using NLP Swish technique to disable anger)

"We all have respect of life, and hope to get through life without ever having to kill anyone at all."...

They then ask...

"Who did you kill?"

I said,

"What are you talking about?"

They repeated, "Who did you kill?"

Um.. My Self?

You mean in this life right?..

They nodded:

I said,

"I did not kill... anyone within me has ever killed anyone why?"

I said,

"I had a kitten choke to death on balonga once.. looked like one with teeth and it was without teeth.. and I fed the wrong kitten the small piece of meat... When I was a 6 or 7 years old.."...

I said, "The crucified toad.. did not die... We treated his wounds and he healed up within days then followed us all over and we called him Chirpy and he insisted on living in the window well... We kept releasing him and he kept coming back he was like a lil bulldog loved his back rubbed.. followed us all over the place.. His love towards me made me feel so guilty..at times...".. .."He was crucified as a horrible science experiment me and my brother did to try to understand how people died during crucifixtion.".... .."We kept asking teachers and adults how people died during crucifixion and no one would tell us.. We could not find anything on it..."... The Following Monday, after we put the poor Toad throat that a teacher finally told us.. We were mad as all go out about it... They asked, "Did you find your answer".. I said, "Yes, Asphyxiation... MOW Woman said what? .. I said "Suffocation..." We felt horrible about it and spoiled that toad for a good 15 yrs.. until we found him dead one day...We thought maybe it was old age... I said I felt absolutely horrible for it.. and was in therapy at time and told my therapist... all about it... We did work through that...As part of that was due to the horrible state I was in at the time with severe depression as well... Glad I got help for that, as I never want to ever do anything like that again.. even for a science experiment...."

MOW woman said Good..

I said, "rumors were we killed someone when a girl who was a cutter went to the hospital for awhile then returned people thought we killed her..."

And that is in the whitewater witches stories.. but she lived.. We did not kill anyone... Many stories of other town lore got merged into it and ours into that somehow...

The Book that made you crazy in my case was people reading first three chapters of the Charless stories..at the time it was called the Empress and the Strange.. but I had changed it...... After people reacted oddly to that I rewrote and changed some in it.. the original got damaged in a flood..,..anyhow

Then there was this man that drowned in Beloit, WI

....I witnessed.. We snuck out at night did not want to get into trouble..

My sis with schizophrenia kept having nightmeres about witnessing someone drown.. in the river...

I had a broken arm shoulder and upper arm at the time..

This drunk man in an Ozzy shirt followed me around wanting to date me...

Then said he would drown himself over me jumped off the bridge and was drowning looked like head bobs...

I thought he was fooling around.. and I was trying to rush my sister home in case he was not... her schizophrenia was acting up and I did not want her to see it... It is hard enough for people without mental illness to witness such a thing and her dreams.. I did not want her to deal with that as I had...

There really was nothing I could do and some other guys jumped in... to help... but, I think it was to late...

MOW-They said,

"The woman on life support who was she?"

I said,

"I do not know her name.. My friend in the Department of Defense, he retired now... but it was his wife.. I did not kill her either. She was on life support in Israel... and I am here in the USA.

I never been to Israel... but I kept getting images of a dove crashing and hitting the ground.. and then when walking one morning a real mourning dove flew above my head was so beautiful and then it literally looked like it crashed into something above my fell to my feet...

With a broken neck... and some spirit kept begging me to help her.. I was confused about it posted it on numerous lists about the Dove crashing asking other Psychics or Shamans, Shamanic practitioners... if they could sense anything...one woman said,

"I know someone who is.. his wife... is sick here let me invite him to the group... "

He came on and I was like I know you?

He said, "Yes." and Mentioned his name.. I immediately knew... It was my ex DOD friend I lost touch with.. I was so excited to hear from him.. but so saddened too.."

He said,

"I think she is asking you for help... to cross over.."

I am not sure why..

He said,

"She is Jewish and was attacked by a high tech electronic device.. We think might be from telling you to much about something...

And.. She is stuck on life support. She did not believe on being on life support for longer than 48 hours.. It is against her Jewish beliefs.. We are Jewish..."

He said,

"I am not sure why G-d is not allowing her to go home or why.. she is reaching out to you.."

"Her family is keeping her on support for money they are drawing benefits for keeping her alive..

They never cared for her.. They are doing this for money..."

I said,

"I will see if I can ask the machine to let her go....."

I then,,,, that night did my prayers, and Shamanic journey thing... and imagined tapping the machine and imagine G-d and Papa Ogun tapping it with me to make it stop working to free her soul.. If it be G-d's will to allow her to go home...

The next day I found out at the same time I did this..

She passed on..

That gave me the chills.

He said..

"I know you did not kill her.. But thank you for contacting who you work with to let her free."

I said, "I can not keep a soul trapped like that and do nothing. You are welcome."

I said, "I am sorry.. I had to do it.. I could not keep her trapped to a machine like that.. I choose to be attached to this machine and live.. pointing in the direction of the tracks.. She did not choose such a thing... I had to let her go.. It is hard to live at times when you been in the beyond you get really raily home sick...

But, I chose mine she did not... I had to help.. I had too.. Do my Shamanic duty.."

They looked at me about to tear up....

I said,

"I am not about taking lives or harming souls I am about helping them go where they want and need to go and helping people.. some go light, some go dark, some do not go at all.."

They said, "okay.. okay.. catching their breath... As I did too.."

I said, "Well,.. if you want to arrest me for murdering someone half way across the world for imagination and visualization during prayer go ahead.."

..."But I will be really really raily interested to see how the hell this case would hold up in court.. "

As the one MOW man laughed and said it would not hold up at all...

I said, "I do not kill people.. but I will Shamanize and contact the right spirits to aid in if they pass on or live with the right guidance and protection.... For what is best for them."

..."I do not have the power to decide who lives or dies.. Let alone the power to make a machine across the world malfunction.. at will...

...As.... if I did I would ruin the detonater on every damn war Missle machine and totally end war... long distance electronic war... then the war mongering cowards That keep sacrificing our troops would have to fight like real warriors face to face again... And not hide behind pushing buttons...

..or I use it to shield our troops... and protect the USA... Not another electronic based war machine would operate if I had that ability... Trust me.. I tried...

MOW Woman: Wait.. I did see some or your Facebook posts about some missles not detonating during launch.. did you...?...

I just smiled.. and then said....

I maybe able to set off a railroad crossing signals without meaning too.... or even at will...

... but I do not have the power to turn off a life support machine.... At will.. Nor do I want that power...

As I stated before I have respect for life and rather not take a life at all unless I have to squish a mosquito or burn a tick or crap like that.. or eat meat chicken and beef.. etc.. Humans are not on my meals of wanting to eat either although I do enjoy my vampire and cannibal jokes...

Female MOW worker says,

"Would you like to kill that investigator?"

"No, not really..

...I did have feelings like that at first, and for months on end.. many many months...do to him..... over him threatening to take the train away and shut down the railroad, and because I could not function with PTC and ETMS on... I can now....I know he ordered me not to change the programs but I had to...so I fixed them so they could run at the same time without shorting out my system..and well.. Shutting down the railroad would kill me... "

AS she said...

"Yes, you obviously did make a serious grave mistake with the FRA act.. That is what messed it up... as she talked into something"

Male MOW: Do you know who that was? ..

I replied: I think it was R__ O___

They both jaw dropped.. and,

"I said I had a run in with him on some fan page.. I joined to help take out bullies and he wanted me to post shit to doxx them and instead I posted a weather radar joke thunders are coming.. pointing where they lived... I do not think this guy was real cause he told me everything I say and do and post is all really tarded and f---tarded and told me to stop posting s----- on facebook like that..

But, I think he was going off sqwat the bully forum posted they took snippets of my material and altered them to make it look worse...

I did not care about it until they put my legal name with my other names..

'Cause I knew it would cause issues with the family.. I did not realize how many issues it would cause with me too I am so darn sick of striking hearing how I have Schizophrenia and Delusions...

I never had a striking delusion and I never been gol darn diagnosed with schizophrenia..

My sister who has been and her darn friends and others been trying so damn hard to make the world think I have this striking disease if I did have it I would tell you...

And you are not delusional if you are going under Shamanic or hypnosis trance... seeing Spirits during a trance state like that is not a delusion that is perfectly normal for a trance state.. unlike random states of psychosis and delusions of mental illness...

It got quiet As I cleared the table and talked to my kitties a moment.. and then said,

"I am heading up see ya... ."

They said, "Wait.."

"Stop, come back..."

..."I have someone on the phone that wants to talk to you.. it is a very special surprise.. They looked happy and nervous at the same time..

She said,

"But.. you have to come sit down.. and put your arms up.."

I said,

"oh no.. I hate phones and started to walk off she said come back that is an order! ..."

I then was like,

"um oh .. okay.. "

As I called back is this really that serious?

MOW replied, "Yes, it is."

I replied, "Awh.. Okay."

So, I came back and sat down..."

She said, "Put your arms on the table.. They pulled up my sleeves... I said another inspection..

Really people I have not self injured that way since a teenager other than that one muscle spasm that one night....

I was still shaking and tensing ..from the track work energy.."

She said,

"hold them.. like you do with the Charless rail braces?"

I said,

"So you obviously all been reading my Charless stories huh.."

MOW woman,

"Yes, Ma'am..."

As I nodded.. then rolled my eyes at Ma'am...

She says,

"He is here on this phone can you see him.. "

I said,

"No, I just see a phone.. ..

He is not Charless..."

She said,

"no, your surprise.. he says you can see him looking you in his eyes.."

I was like um ok.... Yes, Sir?...

I then looked away and rolled my eyes..

She says.. ..

"then focus then taps my rails, in my arms.. I pull back a moment.."

She said,

"Charless isn't he bound.."

He laughs,

"huh no ... He will stay.."...

The Man on the phone


"First off.. I would like to give you a full whole hearted congratulations... On finding out who I am.."...

..."Do You.. You doooo know who I am don't you. I said the Investigator that lead the sacrifice in my Casey Jones book."

,,,,"He said,

'book?, did you finish it?"

I said,

"yes. and I am working on a sequel..."

The others asked where that was, I said the site with the teeth pulling chapter hawk warrior keeper of the tracks... and this will be in it to any Jones encounter will be..".. ..."Almost any... one..."..

Investigator replied, "Hawk, Good to have you back Chief Blackhawk" ... ... I looked at them all funny, and said, "Wrong Hawk, Sorry.. I am not Him, in now, or any of my lives, but he is a guide, but not one who channels through me usually.. like Chaca.. Chaca is the only one that does that really..."

Investigator replied, "Oh, Okay.. Why do you go as Casey when you are more world reknown as your Hawk and Shaman practices?" ...

I replied, "I am known as DNatureofDTrain Casey Jones Heinzism too"...

invesigator replied, "You do not have Jones on your DBA registration though?"

I Said, "I did not think I need to put the Middle name on it but it is on my books I published.. Look it up on Amazon."

Investigator: Yes, Yes, I see that now...

Investigator replied,

"Hawk as in see.. it is very important you see the tracks don't you?"

I said,


He said,

".. Did you ever noticed how the letter I which is like,... Eye Seeing.. also looks like a rail?.."...

I said,

"I think of the rail as more like a T ...

He said,

"it is an I for now..

See a Rail as a eye?"

I said,

"yes I see it..."

He said,

"How did you figure out it was me..?"

I said,

"a woman tipped me off in the elevator at the oral surgeon..."

He said,

"no... no... two days after I did that you started to research my name..on MyPoints..."

Jones joked and said, "Do not tell him do not divulge your trade secrets.."

I said,

"Not my trade secrets Jones ... I .. am not sure how really... "

He said,

"I think the trees are your spies and may have told you.. "

I said,

"hmm I could communicate with the trees never thought to use them for that.. Although they do help me guard the family property from trespassers and alert me to runaways.."..

.. but I rather not use them to spy...but they do help guard the land... But anyhow...

He said,

"Yes, you do Whitewater witch..."

I said,

"Yes...Some call me that too.. but I prefer the Shaman title..."

He replied, "You are well known for this.. too Hawk..."

I said,


He said,

"I think you want to see the trains?"

I replied,

"Yes, Sir."

He said,

"I think you really want to see the trains?"

I replied,

"Yes. Sir."

He said,

"Do you?, I think? Want to see the trains?"

I said,

"Yes, Sir."

He said,

"See, the trains I think!"..

I felt a buzzing connection track current snap as I yelled, "Yeeeeeeeeees! knock it off will you!

What kind of dumbsqwat questions are these! of course I want to see the cotton picking bloody trains..."

They all laughed.. and..

I said, "Cotton picking?.. Jones What the hell?" Please.. Jones stop censoring me!.. or at least come up with something better than cotton picking... .."

MOW woman said, "You can do that Jones? You should at least always censor that F word you never used that anyway...

What did you use?..."

Jones replied: Bloody... .. I am Bloody Irish...

They laughed.

MOW Woman: Try to use that.. Most of her swearing is fine if you can do that... and the god one...

Jones: Still working on it...Sometimes I can not censor... other time... well...

Investigator: Do you want to see the trains?

I replied, "Yes, Sir."

He asked, "Do you really raily want to see them?"

I replied, "Yes, Sir."

He asked, "What would you do?"

I replied, "I would do anything to see them..."

He asked, "Would you sell your soul to them?"

I Gave him a sarcastic look and said, "You already bloody striking did that to me! .."

He said,

"HaHa hehe haha I did not sell your soul.... I steeled your soul..."

Wihout missing a beat I said,

"Yes you did... steeled in iron, wood, irons and ties and trains."

He said, "oh, now hey.. remember you wanted it.."

I said yes, "I had to become one with the Rails again..."

Charless Said, "You still have your soul.. It is just covered..."

Investigator: Just covered in iron...and steel and that other alloy....

He laughs.. and said, "You would do anything...?""

I said, "Yes."

He asked, "Would you agree to cut every tree down in the entire county to see them?

What price has Mother Nature paid for your System.

I said, "Yes."

Silence.. Even relatives stopped and looked oddly in silence... all looking scared...

Two relatives of relatives froze and said,

"Are you serious? Are you okay.. all looking. I said yes..."

All were silent..

Then I tapped my rails.. and tapped my chest.. and one of my alts were doing sign language to me.... My Ancient Native Chief alt who rarely speaks... He tapped me on the shoulder and signed to me in sign language.. ..

...shaking his finger at me..

I said,

"What did I just say...?"

He said in sign language..,

"Lakota sign: You said to see Black fire fast.. and then ASL for Train... Back to Lakota Sign You would cut all growth and spelled out Trees in ASL..."

I said,

"Oh hell no I am not agreeing to cut all the trees in the county.."

I thought you meant the ones by the window I saw the crossings at in the winter.."

As he replied... Interesting she brought this up I was think....just thinking....

He said,

"The five railroad crossings.. at once but that may have been just a vision ... too but I though the wind blew the trees just right... so I could see them... that winter."

..."Waaaaait....that does not count anyhow I have to have real bonafide up close railroad contact at times.. I can .. tapped forhead.. (tapping third eye) see.. this way... "

MOW people texted him what I did...

He said, "Why did you agree to it?.. Are you a liar?.. ?"

I said of course not.. I know that NLP hypnosis trick... Those are Truisms to trick people into agreeing with you... old sales pitch tricks..."...

He replied Again..,

"What Sacrifice has Mother Nature gave to the system. "

The MOW crew and others present got nervous too at this directed to Mother Nature.

A relative said, "You can not sacrifice .. Mother Nature.. oh sqwat.. that is asking for trouble...serious trouble... I am not kidding I seen.. they whispered and then shh..."

(whispering about my working with rain and weather spirits.)

I said, "are you kidding me? You do not think she gives enough to clear her mothers land, and to cut her trees for the railroad ties when at one time every 3rd tree for lumber harvest went to the railroad tracks and even more to fuel the steam engines.."

(As I stated this, I did not know this was a real fact, but it was mentioned as a fact in a wood working course I later took.)

"... and to have to put up with all the striking idiots... Not to Mention how they have to rape the earth to harvest iron ore and other metals .."

MOW Man and Woman said, "I never thought of seeing it that way in the harvesting of iron....."

Investigator said,

"Many Native people view it as that...as it is... was.. as stealing from Mother Earth.... She does too I think.. Mother Nature does.."

I continue, "although railroad is getting better at recycling.. You think you need to ask her to pay a price when derailments and wrecks happen? The environmental damages?...spills.. and fires.. "

Jones said,

"Sir, I would not mess with Mother Nature she has spirit connections that out weigh all of us..."

Mother Nature: pokes out twirls her hair and glares at him... then pokes out..

I was surprised Mother Nature stood silent and ignored him...

Charless: replied.. There is no Sacrifices in Mother Nature's programming...

Investigator said,

"Who in the program wants or needs to be sacrificed right now.."

I could tell the rest of the MOW crew man and woman.. looked terrified waiting for my answer..

I said,

"no one needs to be sacrificed right now,,, the system is .. already feeling one with this railroad work as we speak..."


"Are you sure no one needs a sacrifice.."...

I replied,

"I always crave one do to the programming.. though.. "

I said,

"no.. No one one within me or my system, needs a sacrifice right now with any of your minions or cronies.."

They all laughed.. I did too..

I laughed although I tend to like these two MOW minions.. the woman said,

"oh good"..

"I do not want to be a cronie.."

I said,

"curator and val maybe cronies and laughed..."

I said,

"you know what I mean.. No means no..."

Mow crew clapped and said,

"yay.... Oh Good, Cause I do not feel comfortable doing this today.. to you.. other one says neither do I can really tell she is not feeling good... and this is not an act."

They started out as clapping normal, and kept going and going....

And then One MOW woman.. Started to clap really oddly... and that her arms got further apart and she was moving her arms in a combination of like a steam engine and circus monkey toy claiming symbols.. I tried not to laugh.. but I finally broke out laughing at her... As one other MOW crew member stopped laughed and then tapped her on her shoulder.. and said no that looks to violent.. clap like this... And they all clapped one hand on one still palm nicely...
As one asked me if I remembered what that was from... I said the Amish.. and I said then we did this.. A a round of an Applause.. When the Amish Bishop accepted clapping for the first time in their community in celebration of blessing me to call myself Amish and form my Heinzist Amish Community on a trip to Lancaster PN on Halloween day when I was 16 years old...

Investigator: We did verify you told the truth about this... Everything you told us that we could check up on was the valid truth...

I said,

"Why promise you will help me see the Trains cutting down all the Trees in the county is absolutely ... Re di culous....."

He laughed...

And stated slowly ... Re Dick you less! ..

I said yep...

As then the crew laughed too..

... and then laughs.

He said, "Do catch that subliminal. to the team?"

He said, I am surprised with tour issues and what you been through you would say that um...

Do you mean I have a little .. uh..

I cut in responding...... tool I said no I do not see why that matters it is not the size of the tool men have but how you use them..

They all gasped not knowing to laugh or not...

I am meaning you being a lil less Dick... As they were all laughing....

He said.. "but, I am a Dick it is my job.."

I said,

"yeah yeah yeah private eyes.. aka Dicks..."

As They all laughed again... and covered their mouths worried for me...

He said,

"Okay who can I get to take you to see the Trains.. Started to list my friends.. someone you talk to I said no she is way the hell in hawaii.. what about so and so 90 yrs old in illnois.. what about that one.. busy.. they busy too and them in texas.. I said you stalking all my friends and conversations?"..

He said, "We watch everything you do.. I mean Everything...."

I said, "whoopde.. hope you got permission from my friends too... "

He sighs, "we watch you and your interactions...."

I said,

".. I know..."

What about Strike... she offered you years ago to take you to the East Troy electric railroad museum..

I said, "I never been on a trolley on rails yet... not sure if that is what is .. He said she will ask you in a few days..."

(She did ask me a few days... I had not decided yet... I want to.. but not sure....I never did do to health issues my swollen foot...)

He Said,

"I agree I will help you get out and see the trains more often if you let me cut down every tree behind the house.."

I said,

"oh hell no!..."

Investigator: "Your Resistence.. is beautiful..."

I replied, "Whaaat?" Smiles..

Investigator: "Do you know where that is from? What Movie..."

I said,

"I think... Divergent?"

Investigator: Good movie, you can sure relate to it huh...

I said,

"I have not seen it yet.. I just like the Tris and Four song.. It sounds like something I could..."

Investigator: "Oh.. no spoilers.. you really really Raily should watch that and it's series.."

The investigator and the MOW crew then started to argue about which faction I would be in if I was in that movie... listing its traits and asking me what I would choose I said I would struggle to choose from the same two the lead character was in. But, for the Trains I would for surely choose the warrior one..."

I said,

"okay.. eventually.. Back to the Trees..."

I said,

"How about any of the ones threatening the support, safety, and integrity of the building structures the house, the barn etc..."

He said,

"Integrity of the structure.. interesting wording.."

I said, "I dunno where that came from.. But... railroad maintenance I guess.. but anyhow.."

He said, "Yes, a deal.. "...

"So you will not threaten or chase the workers..:"

I said,

"I had not chased any tree cutters since I was 9 years old.. I can not say the same for the nature spirits that evidently imitate my image...people always call my family saying I am chasing workers last time I had to go to the front porch to prove it was not me..and Wave at the police... That is when I took the video of the huge crane taking down one of my favorites... Then went inside... Evidently over 20 witnesses that day reported it..."

.."but I did notice the workers looked scared as hell of me so I am sure they saw something."

I said, "I think the land spirits use my image after I chased people off. ...besides what land do I own I do not own the land, you need to make the agreements with the land owners.. besides I do not know where the hell I am going anymore.. I wanted to stay here, well at least locally.. but I also want go.. I dunno... We will see what happens when I earn enough money to do anything if I can get over this darn lack of transportation sqwat..."

Investigator: Stop.. Just Stop... We will figure out something...

I replied, "How do I know that for sure I hear it all the time we will help you and what the hell help do I get mind games and lies! .. Broken promises I am tired of it..."

Charless: Taps the rails.. and I jump... Then he throws a switch to force me to calm...

They all looked at each other.. As they ask him what I just did.. they typed it to him.. he said see the switch... he threw a switch...

Investigator: replied.. you are good help Charless..


Charless... can I talk with you? I would like to meet you Charless.

Charless: heh, heh, heh, just did...

Investigator: You are doing a really fine good job charless..

Mother Nature: peaked out rolled eyes...

Charless: Thank You.. small hisses S.. Sir.. You ?..

Investigator: I do need to apologize... I did do one major error with you.. your system last time... I should not have did the threatening to shut down your railroad FRA routine...

I was not sure which railroad position I would be... I am used to the Federal title.. so that was the first that came to my mind....As I am.. Well.. You all know that already..

I also did not know you were having issues with the ETMS and PTC program to cause you to shut down and not function....

Charless: Yes, we struggled hard with correcting that for awhile still at times is not right but it is at least functional now...

He said, "I believe my proper title to your system would be Master... Road.. Road Master... Charless, is my position Road Master? "

Charless: "hmm it could be.. Would you all agree to him being a road master?. "

Casey: I dunno...

Mother Nature said: if you leave my trees be you stupid beeza

Investigator: I promise I will not shut down your system I am here to help you.. Not kill you.. I thought your system was bad at first.. but I can see it really does help you... And I wanted you to just secure it... ..

And well...

Don't worry.. I will still do plenty to it... I will still bend it, break it, work it.. harder... burn it, and twist the hell out of it as needed...

The MOW crew gasped...

Charless: replied good...

He replied,

"all for proper maintenance reasons of course.. and will always mend anything I break if I can..."

Everyone looked in suspense of silence...

Investigator: "Also all your work you do is not Tarded it is actually pretty good, and well done..."...

..."I am sorry, for insulting your work.. I know you never forgive but..."....

Investigator: D.. Do.. Do you agree I can be road master..?... Just to make sure you are properly maintained and Cared for..

....I saw you... thought if you could figure out who I was you could get rid of me that easily.. Laughs, It would be very hard to run me off.. I will most likely keep on contacting with you for the rest of my life.. and who ever takes over after me...To help you be maintained and stay on track.....

Everyone in a suspense of ...Silence....

Investigator do you agree to let me raily help you?...

Investigator: I want to do the trigger badly.. but I want you to really agree I can be road master to help your system... On your own will and decision...

Charless: I accept giving it a try...

Investigator: You can train me as we go you and

Chaca?... Where is Chaca?...

Charless: He is just quiet... he is always there.. He has not talked much since the sacrifice.. Has not needed too...

Investigator: Him quiet is unusual.. oh yeah he prefers type... Casey you know what road master is?

I said, "Yes.."

Investigator: dna, Jones, Heinzism you all agree? am sure nature don't...

Charless: just leave Nature alone she usually does not agree laughs...

Casey: Ok okay I agree to give it a try,,

Charless: You do need an offline Team...

Casey: I know...

Investigator: I am still trying to figure out what is the best way to do.. to properly "handle" ... you and your situation and system.. and the family issues..

(He was asking permission to be our handler.)

I said,

"well those issues will never go away.. The family ones with Curator and Sister Val, and My other sis.."

Investigator: but you are managing and handling them and most issues better. Keep on moving...

RoadMaster: I will really make it up to you..

I replied: In disbelief.. Okay.. (not believing it..)

Casey: Yes, Sir..

Road Master: how do you end it you are dismissed.. Charless undo anything else I missed and fix it up.. will yah?

Charless: Yes Sir...

Casey: pulls arms off of table looks confused...

I tried to type this up as accurately as I could but with the railroad track maintenance going on... I was in a pretty big fog...

He asked me if I had any further questions I always forget at the time.. and he did mention that.. you always do not at the time but later you do....


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