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3 Teeth pulling. April 30th 2018

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Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks

April 30th 2018.

Teeth pulling.

April 30th 2018.

I got up ate some chicken patties drank some milk...

....brushed my teeth stared at the size of my wisdom teeth and pulled on the one I managed to get lose it then it slowly rose back up I had tried again..

I finally decided okay I will let the oral surgeon deal with that lil bugger..

As something did not seem right with the way it kept moving back up...

I then got all dressed.. babbled to relatives...

..ate a bunch of animal crackers brushed my teeth again....

Then I grabbed my papers and put my shoes on and wandered out to my ride.

My Ride on this day was a nice woman a friend of the families.

I do not know her two well. But she seems nice.

One Staff had to stay behind to watch kids, and rest of them were on vacation out of the country.

But just before I left I made sure to extra lock up and hide my computer items.

... I am tired of people messing around and deleting my files on me, or stealing my writings.

I then was excited for crossing railroad tracks...

As it had been to close to being almost two years since I crossed a railroad track last..

The Last day I crossed them was the day I went to get my "Doing Business As" papers notarized.

As many know with my railroad energy history. It is important I have railroad and train contact as is stabilizes my health somehow.

I am not sure how it works, other than it for surely works. And I do end up falling ill from not enough railroad, train, or track contact.

So we ride along I look at all the different vehicles and houses and how people are dressed.

I feel as if I stepped into another time period in this reality as it has been so long since I left the yard.

I then gaze at the electrical wires and phone lines..

...and daydream memories or just daydreams of doing the same gazing of telegraph lines back in Casey Jones's time.

... late 1800's...

I think well this seems shocking to me when I go out ..

I can not imagine how shocking it would be for him to step out of his time period into ours full of electronics...

We get lost for a moment and wonder if we are at the right place..

...so my ride calls in gets a reply and answer immediately..

I thought that is strange I tried for 3-4 hrs before I got a reply......

We find out it is at the hospital, on the way in people I walked past laugh and say,

"There is the Snake?"

I smiled and laughed and wave back....

Although confused as to why they were calling me the snake...

They saw my look of confusion and some said the Train I then smiled :)

... Many waved saying

"Hi Casey, Good luck!"

I was in shock to all these strangers being so positive and friendly to me..

I could not believe so many knew me.. some did the spider hand gesture and smiled and waved as I passed them.

We then followed the maze on the hospital to the elevator...

There was an elevator full of many women yelling

"Snake, snake, come here, we want to talk to you we have questions."..

I said,

"Why you all calling me snake? .. "

They laughed and said oh come on this is you ain't it?

Then held up their cell phones and tablets and showed me my snake post on Facebook I said,

"Oh yeah I posted that this morning before I went back to sleep then forgot...

They said you get your teeth out yet I said no,, am on my way I am scared.

The one woman said do not be scared I got mine done here they are so good they pluck them like berries like this..

bite down...

then like this bite down done...

I looked at her like she was out of her mind she laughed and said oh you'll see nothing to be afraid of they are good and fast here....

I thanked them and saluted them. They seemed confused one asked gang sign? I said,

"No, a salute from my Tribe. :)

The only gang I would affiliate with is laying railroad tracks...

The symbol means Rail and looking down the tracks. I do not affiliate or associate with illegal activity."

My ride was nervous and did not want to go into that elevator with them it was crowded..

I said to them thanks for holding the elevator but my ride is nervous...

So we will take a separate one..

Take care friendly people you rock :)

... As I saluted them and they said good luck!..

I said,

"You all on my Facebook?"

One said, "I am friends of friends rest said..

no I am friend with her lol...

I said you can friend me if you want they said nah...

I replied that is okay too and I laughed... :) they laughed too...They said we only friend family and people we know off line.

I said that is best you know.

I only open up so much for my singing and writing promotion.

Then they waved and we went on our way.

I am not used to riding in cars or elevators so I can really feel it and it was one of those I can feel elevators...

I was saying in a high pitched voice,

" Weeeeeeee!"

.. as we took off and stopped..

My ride laughed...

I explained to her those woman were friends with one of my friends and about my Facebook post and the snake thing I posted.

She said oh that is why they are calling you a snake I said, "yeah. I forgot too..."

We then stepped out there was sign of like 100 doctors offices..

My vision is blurry she was like...

What one are we going too?..

I did not know either...

Then I closed my eyes a moment felt where I was drawn to and walked right up and pointed..

Oh that is him that is my oral surgeons name...

She said you sure..

She laughed she said I looked all over could not find it you close your eyes and walked up to it..

I said, just lucky I guess... :) ...

Then I walked by some people waving to me smiling saying..

"Hi Casey. "

I smiled and waved back. ....

Then sat down in the lounge after I walked up to get paper work... as I did my usual reply,

"paper work that's not nice.."

...joke as everyone laughed. :) ...

I sat down was filling out some quietly and some out loud..

I got to the social security number realized I was accidentally saying numbers out loud ... luckily was part of a phone number and not any of my ss number....

then I changed it to rambling part of the fake rumored chip number.. 222000999666... Then rambled master numbers.. 111222333444555666777888 As my ride was smiling at me then.. Then I said to her jokenly

"666 >:) ehehehe evil pure evil."

She said do you think that number is evil?

I said no...

people think it is because it is associated with pride..

pride can be good or evil...

pride goeth before fall

and I said just kidding that is not my number.

As we all laughed..

Some woman in the lobby then got a little catty accusing me of claiming to be the Anti Christ.. and I told her that is pure nonsense I do not affiliate or associate myself with that nonsensical garbage.

I just like to laugh at the 666 number is all..

I said laughter is one way I cope with fear and stress.

I am joking to relax myself..

besides the joke was to my ride next to me not to you.

Locally our town makes all kinds of number jokes,

She said that is not funny it is serious.

I said if you have Christ on your side then there is nothing to fear over a little number.....

Then she rambled on reading garbage from a forum that insults me.. After another lobby woman said,

"Oh come on that is Casey Heinzism..

Casey is nothing like that. You have to know Casey..."

I said,

"Thank you to the other woman."

She was then asking me religion questions....

I said,

"contact me on Facebook, or another social network...

I will be glad to answer your questions there about all of this. This public lobby is not the place for it."

She said and Facebook is?

I said yes

I use my Facebook as my public platform to discuss my spirituality and religion.

Not just in a public lobby. She argued and kept going...

I tried to talk calmly and reasonably but the woman was just being unreasonable...

That is when I toned her out.... and just talked with my ride.

Then I started to ramble about Casey Jones wreck anniversary and how I was upset that the only opening they had for me was on this day..

As I usually get together with my friends and sing Casey Jones and train songs.. and do other activities only on this day of the year...

That is when the door flew open....

...and some one ran in really fast..

and asked is Casey in the dental procedure yet?

Make sure you tell him a train is coming he shakes..

There was a derailment in .. as the man stuttered...

in Tex.. Tex the person was shaking.

I said,

"Texas, as we both said a really nasty one"..

The rail fan said,

"It was just posted in the public news about 15 minutes go.. But it happened about..."

I said about and hour and half ago...

"He looked at me funny.

He said, you can tell too.... just like Casey.."

I smiled.

My Ride said,

"Wait a moment.... How did you know about this train wreck? You been on the road with me for almost two hours. You did not have a tablet or a cell phone, you just sat their quietly gazing out the window..."

I replied,

"I can not logically explain it.. but when it comes to trains I often know these things. I do not always know all the time.. but what I do know I can not logically explain."

The catty lobby woman,

"How do we know you were not involved in setting up or making this wreck happened? I said that is bull. I love trains and railroads and would never do such a thing...

She said I am going to report you as suspicious." I said go ahead,

"I will check out fine as many know I would never be involved in making something like that happen ever...

But if it is your civil duty to report if you think I am involved in something illegal or suspicious like that..."

The other lobby woman told her she was being rediculous....

The railfan turned to the secretary and said he might shake bad he is psychic...

The secretary and this person argued a moment.

As the person said please tell Casey's Dentist.. or whatever he is called.

The woman said I do not see a Casey on the list, as they argued...

I then heard them say to leave or they would call security,

I then quickly...

I stood up ....

I said,

"Do you mean me?"

The secretary asked,

"You are really Casey Heinzism?"

I said,

"Yes, that is my doing business As name which is why it is different than my legal name.

You have written down is my legal name. I do not have my doing business as papers with though..."

I said I wanted to legally change my name to Casey but I can not afford it so I paid 80 dollars a years worth of my earnings for a doing business as name. I can use in anyway that I can my legal name...

He said,

"I knew you would know but a train is coming just please.. when you go in tell them about your Train Tremors.

I don't want you to get hurt.

I am in the middle of reading your story right now.

I smiled.

He said wow.

I said thank you very much I will tell them. ..

I am Casey Heinzism... oh no a spider anh...

they laughed...

He said Casey,

"I am worried I do not want you to get hurt a Train is coming another railfan told me I was just reading your story.. and got worried you could get hurt during the dental procedure ... just......just.. tell them about your train tremors..."

I said thank you :) ...

Then whispered you better leave now, so you do not get into trouble, as I gave them a one armed hug.

The person no more then finished the line then I heard a woman crack open the door and whisper...

Then the secretary said,

"Do you get these train tremors."


"Are you psychic?"

I stated yes, I get the tremors...and about the Psychic thing I rather not speak about it, to controversial.

"Why! Why! Didn't you tell us you are Casey Heinzism?"

I said,

"I did not think it was a big deal.. I am just a little celebrity."

Her and five woman said in unison,

"Like Heck.... are you are little one, ...

You are a big one! CASEY Everyone knows you! EVERYONE!"

"Where is your security?"

"Casey you need to have security,

if you do not have your own you are suppose to let us know so the hospital security can escort you for your own safety, and you are not suppose be in the lobby..."

I said.

"Where am I suppose to go?..."

I said until then I will quiet pretend to be engine 382 sitting quietly on the tracks.. I by then was scared crapless...

She then asked is your Casey Jones Casey Heinzism story real....?

I said,

"Yes.. all in that story is true other than I hid some names and edited the swearing."

Her eyes got wide as she said security...

and she pushed a button, then someone immediately opened the door and whispered my name.

I got nervous when she said Security... As the woman said,

"Casey you need to have security!!!"

A door cracked open as a woman whispered,

"D.. come here.. D .. D .. Caasey...come here.. she asked me some questions I answered."

As I walked in I heard the secretary ripping out the woman turns out she was not a patient, nor was she with any patients there. She was just someone there to start issues.

I said,

"Why all the whispering?..."

Then I went to get my X - Ray...

She said,

"We have it set to five foot 2 like it says in your website.. She was like stand up straight..

I said, "Um ...it.. it is to low to put my chin on this and bite it..."

She said,

"You are not five foot two she said how much higher does it have to be?"

I said,

"Wow.. about 4-5 inches.."

she raised it up and she said,

"You are not five foot two who told you that height...?"

I said, "When I was 23 yrs old that was my height.. the doctors told me....."

I figured I grew as I suddenly grew three inches in shoe size too.

She said,

"That is absolutely amazing.. "

I said,

"I have some extra X's in my chromosomes and sometimes when we do some of us grow more or keep growing."

I said,

"I always wanted to be 6 foot 4, ... like my biological father.. How tall am I? .."

She said,

"You are five foot 8 and just two milimeters from 5 foot 9.. My biological Mother said she thought I would at least get that height and my Fathers height she was the short one she said all my Grandmas were 5 8 and 9... I did not believe that though.. but..."

She said walk down the hall third room on the left.

I said ok. Not realizing the rooms were numbered...

I counted doorways..

One.. Two.. Three...

Then I got confused and looked up.. and saw an oral surgeon looking at someone.

He said this is purely confidential.. I said sorry I know...

I said oh the rooms are numbered.. Sorry for intruding I was confused on which room was three this one is two..

I love Three Jesus's number.. and then nodded and walked into room three... Stood there a moment..

I tried to look out the window they quickly pulled the blinds shut..."

I felt nervous about it...

Then a woman walked in with my ride... And the oral surgeon walked in...

I said,

"... wow that is amazing..."

I sat there filling out the paper work..

I said to them sometimes I get the shakes when a train is coming.. or passing in my arms and jaw.. and someone said a train is coming.

They said do you think we have time before it does?

I said,


Just as I signed my name my hands started to shake some, and both looked at each other.. quickly winked and put me back in the chair fast and numbed me slapping the blood pressure cuff on me...

Then I started rambling about being upset about it on this date... and they said to me...

You are not the only one mad...

Our secretary is upset too...

Some woman called her ahead of time and made it on this date...

...and told her you wanted it on on this date..and would be glad. But when you freaked out on her it scared her.

I said,

"Sorry I was just scared and hurting my broken tooth was infected but I managed to clear it up..

My dentist wanted me in here in within two days... that was march 6th or 9th.. one of the two ..."

They then said,

"Do you by any chance know who it was that called a couple of days ago trying to cancel it?"

The secretary sounded like it was the same woman.

I said,

"That woman was my Curator... As they whispered specifically..."

I said,

"I over heard the end of that is how I knew...

and I heard the secretary woman saying,

'this is very important Ma'am and it really needs to be done Ma'am...'

...and I am glad and thankful your secretary stood up for me. Tell her

I said,

'thank you and sorry for freaking out on her the day I made the appointment.'

He said,

"You already told her that and talked her yesterday remember."

I said,

"Yes, I did...

I was not sure if it was the same woman."

So by then they asked if I had any other questions and I started to shake some more..

They got wided eyed and both jumped to the blood pressure machine.

As they put the blood pressure cuff on and hooked up to this fancy smanshy machine....

I do not even know what all the numbers mean I asked her if my blood pressure was good


I said a little high?

I could tell by her face she thought I was being sarcastic...

I said,

"No I really do not know the numbers.. which I don't.."

...but I said it always starts high when I walk in but usually drops to normal in the middle or before i leave... and you can just tell me to raise or lower it I can...

She looked at me funny....

Then my hands started to shake really strongly..I said,

"Man, I am really really shaking.."

My ride was sitting in the corner thought it was from the numbing so I raised my hands looked at them saw an image of a shaking tracks..

I said,

"no ..."

My hands usually only shake in this pattern when a train is coming....or passing...

I then looked at them and said there really is a train isn't there ...

I said two blocks that way.. .. within 3-4 miles at least...

West ... Al .. lis ..

UP.. I dunno...

Their jaws dropped..

They said,

"Did you guys come on she said the road.."

My ride said,

"No, we came on such and such from the other way..."

"What map did you use?..."

I replied,

"I usually do look up how many railroad tracks are on the way, but I did not as I knew I would cross at least one track..."

I don't know I did not look it up on the map other than tiny snippet that showed you were by some stores.

We did not know it was in a hospital I just new it was by a Starbucks.

One laughed and said,


I said,


My ride replied,

"She used Google maps..

he said there is no railroad tracks posted on Google maps so she did not find out that way and they laughed....."

(Which is actually a lie, as you can see them on the Satelite view, I looked it up later when I returned home, and West Alis railroad crossing was the correct distance from the location. I however did not consciously know any of the railroad information I stated.)

The woman said well that is odd,

"None of these maps have railroad tracks marked on them..." My shaking got really strong.. in both arms...

Then the assistant jumped up and slapped another cuff on my other arm...

As the oral surgeon asked, "Have you ever been diagnosed with AFIB?"

I said,

"No, I just an odd arrythmea they can not figure out."

He asked,

"Do you know what that is?"

I said,

"Yes, I was just reading about Atrial Fibulation last night about how the heart pumps funny in the chambers.. I heard it is dangerous and damaging."

As we all watched my vitals reactioning to my hand shaking.

(oral surgeons can not legally diagnose heart issues.)

They stepped over pushed a button on the machine...

I thought it was fishy they kept moving my arms above and below my chest level.. I thought they had to be at chest level, a person not talking, and just relaxing for an accurate blood pressure reading.. But I figured my shakes would make it innaccurate anyhow....

The Machine clicked and beeped ... and I said dang that sounds like the clicking of the railroad crossing...."

I said, "is my reaction unhealthy?"

He replied,

"No, This is the most unusual AFIB pattern I have ever seen.

It is stabilizing your heart rate and blood pressure...

I can not believe I am seeing this?"

It is calibrating you...

It is calibrating...

(I also knew this was Papa Ogun merging me with the tracks, as a result of that Sacrifice Last September... At the moment this was going on I was so hyped up and nervous I assumed this is why the machine was jumping around by 5-15% until it got to 120/50 then jump down a moment then jump there then jump up then there.. Then eventually it stayed there as it just beeped the same number over and over some other numbers jumping around...)

I said this is to much like the crossing in pattern.

The woman said this is unreal I get caught at the West Allis railroad crossing all the time and it sounds just like this....

I said that one is wired funny...

feels oddly wired... malfunctions a lot huh... Wait those weird highway gates we passed are connected to it isn't it.. I jokingly said ghost railroad crossing... They nodded and said,


... I thought for a moment.. then I stated... That is a really bizarre railroad crossing.. Then I said I remember...now.. oh yeah it malfunctioning comes up in the railroad news a lot.. now I remember....

I then had some stronger spasms.. So I sat back laid down put my arms down a moment then it slowly it eased off.... As I thought in my mind... Giving over to Papa Ogun and not fighting the railroad energy.. and this is important, as fighting the railroad energy causes many issues.... By this point I started to adjust the current a little by a control in my wrist to equalize it... Normally I would state the T track word.. but I was not sure it was safe.... Even if my controls are locked I can still access some things to balance out the current to calm tremors and spasms.. not always stop them but at least calm them. I do not physically have any controls, this is post hypnotic cues, I respond to.

They both broke out laughing their butts off..

as my ride was getting worried..

She said,

"What is going on?"

I said I am just shaking so funny the machine is not giving an accurate read out and we are laughing about that.

The oral surgeon said,

"I have to add AFIB to your medical record now... But I will specficaly note it balances you and makes you stronger and is not a deadly or dangerous pattern."

At the moment I thought this is what was happening....

As I watched the machines react stronger to my train shakes I could litterally see my heart rate and bp jumping around to the train energy. That flows into me as the train passes... I knew Track maintenance was going on as well....

That really amazed me...

(I was not consciously thinking about them raising and lowering my arms, as this was going on which alters a machines bp reading.)

The oral surgeon said I never in my life seen this kind of AFIB pattern.. he said wow...

I said,

"Is this a deadly pattern...? If I have to stay away from trains because of this it would kill me..."

He said,

"No AFIB usually is not a healthy responce but in your case it is stablizing both your heart rate and blood pressure and other responses..."

as I looked over my bp was 120 over 40 as the train passed... stayed there a bit.... (arm chest level)

(Then had me out my arm straight down, on the dentist chair...)

Then it climbed back to 170...

(I thought this. it was because...Jones however was scared and kept turning it up in hopes that I could flea faster should I have to... I was getting frustrated with him. On his end he is turning up a steam pressure valve....)

I said in whisper,

"Darn it...Jones come on...

Turn it down.."

Then it droped to 140...

I said is that a good number?

They said that is much better than the other one...

I shrugged then I opened my mouth...

I followed the breathing instructions at first they shined the light on my eyes and I jumped...

I said can you put something to block the light on my eyes at least lessen it they did...

I said thank you,,.. he just adjusted it better to hit my mouth and not my eyes..

So I was relaxed... and laid back...

I used my,

"I am a train Affirmations, to relax..."


"382 affirmations to close off fear."

affirmations in my hypnosis programing to keep calm and still.....

He then had me breath in and out...

and as I breathed out He plucked my bottom teeth just as the woman said.. .

one berry.. 20 second bite down open up ...

next tooth 20 second bite down...

Then it took 20 seconds to dig out an upper tooth and then the other one about the same...

Then the oral surgeon yelled,

"Oh my!"

I said,

"What did you do?

What did you do?

What is it? ..."

My ride said,

"What did you just do?"

I said,

"Uh oh..."

as I looked at his face with a look of disbelief...

I said,

"My lord...

You found the rumored suspected chip didn't you....?"

I said,

"I need to know..

he said,

"Yes. I found the bone fragment..."

As he winked at me and pointed at my ride behind me..

I do not know for sure what side she is on.... "

(thought he was being geunine but he did have a bizarre smirk on his face.)

Do I have permission to write it down as bone fragment and call it that?

Your actual doctors will know.

But I will make a note that even in medical release hippa forms it is to be called chip of bone fragment unless you specifically give permission other wise..

(He told me the contents was not a microchip either for the record, it was a bunch of engraved novapins, and some metal to make it look like I had a chip and a badly broken jaw bone.... This may have been a mind game though...)

If anyone says you did this to yourself have them call me.

You could have had no way possible to do this to yourself.

Who did this to you?

I do not know for sure who did it...

But I have one guess....

My sister I was staying with..

I woke up to her and her friends putting things in my mouth digging around..

My sister kept hitting my mouth...

right here by my temple over and over...

Her friend said,

"I am student of dentistry do not worry.. I can fix it your jaw is broke..."

I felt tired and out of it.

They said,

"I would feel better if I got some fresh air so we walked to the church yard..... some strange things happen then we come home.. and my sister and them told my other mom that I put a microchip in my mouth.. and that I am crazy and need to go to the hospital now."

The oral surgeon replied,

"This was done by a professional trained in both surgery and dentistry... is your sister trained as a surgeon? .."

I said, "no..."

He asked,

"Do you know if any of her friends were for sure?"

I said,

"No idea...

I did not know much we just talked and shared jokes...."

He said,

"Do you want that nasty thing out of your mouth how long has it been there?

I said,

"If it is what i think it is since 2001 at least.. . 17 yrs... "

He wondered what took me so long to come in..

I said,

"I really had no idea anything was there other than my teeth... I thought they popped something like a nail gun in my mouth maybe shot some small nails or something off... police came said something was there, they took me in to the exam office later.. but no one told me what was in there.. they all assumed I knew.

Then they shushed me..."

He said, "Do you want to press charges on your sister?"

I said, "no she was having schizophrenic episodes that day... and not herself."

The other girl,

"I would if it found out her name...but it seems rediculous to do after 17 years. I however would have done it sooner had I known what was in my mouth...."

The other ones that held me down were upset and ripped her out and left to go home...

She told them she was going to just scare me, and not actually hurt me. The other girls were upset they were mislead into attacking me.

I know police came later and looked at my mouth, and they took me to some examiner.

He said,

"This reminds me of a very bad case I read about in Beloit, Wisconsin. The person was in such denial she did not press charges. I said this is where it happened at. My Sister lived in Beloit, Wisconsin... He said she would say things like.. I am Genie and I can make your wishes come true... I said... she used to say that and was obsessed with holograms, and engraved novapins.. What are novapins for anyway? She never would tell me.. but I was fascinated by them cause I like engravings and little metal pieces... and holograms myself.."

He then said the attacker used to get them engraved at Earth Song bookstore... I said.. My sis, her and her friends used to shop there all the time that was our favorite bookstore.. But they started to act a little weird telling me to get my wisdom teeth out...

I said... oh... oh... (That is a very good bookstore, and they never would support anyone hurting anyone else. It still is one of my favorite places.)

I said, "many people said I had something in my mouth but no one would tell me what it was....."

No one seemed to understand I did not know what was in there...

He asked,

"Do you want me to remove it.?"

I said,

"Yes, please."

They worked at it and worked at it..

Then he stopped and said to me,

"I thought this was going to be just soft bone... but its going to be a lot of hard bone too.. "

I said,

"will removing this alter my facial structure much?"

He said not that much...But if we haved to do implants...

We can make it look like anything you want..

He said wait...

He looked at me and he said to his assistent show my that photo of him again.

I said will my insurance cover it?

He said what your insurance will not cover I will pay for you.

....because what happened to you, and what was done to you here is just plain wrong...you do know you were assaulted with a dental implant...?...

... and I am sure your wisdom teeth and teeth next to them were deliberately sabatoged too this level of decay does not match the rest of your mouth..

Someone did something to you....

I said, I did not know... I do now... :(

I asked,

"Was this was after the ages of 13-16?.. the decay.."

He said,

"This damage obviously happened to you as an adult...

This is adult molars. Your adult molars and back teeth were deliberately sabatoged."

He said,

"I will also pay for whatever type of bridges you would like too.., implants, or dentures..

I think cantilevers or mary would do good for you..

It seems you do not want implants but if you change your mind let me know I will do that as well but it it will take awhile...."

I said bridges,

"I had an odd dream of little trains on bridges in my mouth and laughed.... this morning." (forgetting at the moment I did mention this silly dream earlier in the lobby, to my ride.)

I said,

"Don't worry I want ones that look like human teeth... little train engines would be to hard to keep clean... and they all laughed."

I agreed to allow him to cut out the broken fragmented bone and to add some implants.

(I thought it was sort of strange they acted like they were doing it all right then and there.. When usually you come into have one thing done, it is just that thing and that is it.....)

He also offered to make me appear a little more masculine as well.

I lit up with excitement....

All those times I secretly watched videos of people transitions getting that done with their faces I never imagined I would be able to in reality ever have this done.... Since I can not afford it....

I said really?

That just thrilled me to pieces...

.....and then he said,

""you will still look... like you

...but how would you like to look more like that famous guy you like...

..the train guy.. "

I said Jones?


I said you kidding me?

You can do that...

I agreed.. as I thought to myself....

Wow my mental self image may for the first time ever match more of my physical apperance....This is awesome..

I said but I do not want to lose my native american features..

So try it like a native american Jones..

He laughed and said that will not be effected much

.. if it does it will be here in the cheek..

I said that is ok..

I always hated that spot anyhow lol....

He said I see your fan of horror movies..

I said yeah...

So then he said,

"I am sorry I have to do this to you. I am sorry that you will really have to pay the price in this sacrifice..."

(the words of what he said was disturbing to me...)

As he made funny mocking crazy psycho face..

(The face was so badly acted..)

I laughed so hard..

... to those words..

and I watched my bp go from 170 back to 140...

(as they raised my arm to chest level.)

Then it started to climb back up... (as they lowered my arm)

as I said barely whispered...jones keep it down.. then it went to 170... and 140...

I then as they started pulling and yanking at the broken fragments.. and some novapins holding them in place..

the assist hear her arm around my forehead and both hands on the back of my head pressing hard,... as the surgeon was yanking at the item pulling up really really heard i heard lots of cracks and pops, and felt like my face was popping but i could not tell if he was holding something to me or not making me think it was my face or really my face as I was so numbed...

I had in sign language signed,

"I am a train ..

and 3 8 2 .. "

raised my arms to chest level....

and then the oral surgeon made silly psycho faces at me as he reved the drill I laughed again..

I relaxed and then leaned back

.. as I imagined..

the sounds were from watching them restore decayed railroad cars and fix broken tracks..

as I thought,, my railroad empathy is more painful than what I am feeling right now.. and the sort of baffled me...

Him and his assistant when they were done said...

The only thing you flinched at is the blood pressure cuff..

He said, "I am sorry I had to cut up higher as the item was larger than we thought...

It was not 1 cm by 1 cm it was one inch by one inch surrounded by a lot of damaged and fractured bone..

You had a severly broken jaw bone for years...

So we had to take 2 inches by 2 inches out of your jaw bone....

I can not believe it...

I just had to cut almost half of your face off

...and you did not even flinch about it..

He said that is unusual something is really wrong about that...

... and his assistent pointed at something on her phone...

and he said,

"Ah,...did you use 382 program?"

I said,


He said...,

"and at the worse of it your blood pressure also normalized, most peoples blood pressure shoots higher."

As we sat there and watched and he said,

As he lowered my arm back to the dentist chair and said...

"there it is goes crawling back up ..

he said that is so .. strange.. "

I said,

"My blood pressure has always been odd like that.. but I know it lowers when I trance.. I did that and imagined watching my track or train repair videos."

They both laughed and replied in unison,

"I should have known."

I whispered gol darn it jones turn it down..

... jones.. turn the darn pressure down..

...he went back to 140......

(as I brought my arm back to chest level. )

which is good at it was going to 180...

I said,

"Did you get it all out?"

he said,

"yes he did but he did not realize he would have to take out so much... and felt bad... said he would put some implants in now..

I agreed so he seemingly injects some things then massaged my face in different ways and that tickled so I giggled..

Then he dropped drops of something on my face and wipes it gently


:) ..

He said you really seemed to like that feeling I said I did that felt really good...

.. I then kept spacing out looking around then noticed my bp was going back up I

I then shook my head,

"no" ..

and I gestured my hands at it..

The assisent was holding my upper funny as it was going up... i did not think of that at the time... but i am sure her hands put the pressure on my arm to cause that...

by then I was getting pissed....

And just crossed my arms looking at it then I put my hands flat on my legs and did pranic breathing still no drop ...

I was thinking, "wtf.. are you doing jones? ....:"

He said,

"The train is in idle right?"

I said,

"it is nearly in idle..."

He asked,

"The pressure does not need to be that high right?"

He said, "do you authorize me to ask Jones to turn it down."

I Said yes, "I authorize you and your assistent for this session."

He asked me again if it needed to be that high for the train to run right now..

I replied,


I said,

"No ... not that high.."

...but tell me the numbers of where it should be I do not know... This however does feel pretty high..

The oral surgeon then made me and the woman jump as he yelled really loud...

"Jones! .. turn down the gol darn pressure will you! ..."

it had then lowered to 140..

(as I jumped I crossed my arms chest level)

he yelled,

"more than that!..."

...it lowered to 120..

he said good then it started to drop again.

I got dizzy and had my arms pulled in tightly to my sides....upward some.... I said,

"No jones.... jones!.... stop jones...

Then I started screaming, No Jones it it so low I am blacking out here turn it up!...

The oral surgeon looks up its 116/12..

Then the oral surgeon and his assistent yelled. Turn it up Jones NOW!...

As the assitent said,

"How are you still concscious and yelling! This is amazing how are you doing that!"

As I see it at 112/9...

I said,

"Darn it, Jones ..I am blacking out.. turn it up some. it goes up to 119.. "

I said,

"tell him the number please....."

The woman said, "You are dead right now and your still talking lol...."

As they laughed, and said.. together higher Jones now!

He said a little higheer....

It jumped to 150 he said 140..

he said good...

I said again tell him the number...

The oral surgeon said.. 120/40...

Then it dropped there...

I said tell him the highest and lowest he said keep it between 120 and 140... the top number.. the bottom one seems to not be an issue, and follows the top one pretty good....

As it stayed there...

I then said,

"Steady on track casey jones"..

Lock it in there...

keep it there...

The oral surgeon and assistent both said

yes, lock it in there...

I could feel a click...

as I felt him lock it in ..

Then a bizarre locking click echoed the room as we looked around together like.. . What in the heck?...

The assistent started to laugh her head off, and said good one, good one, you really got me, good joke, and you got him too...

(I did not at the time understand what she meant.... but looking back on it I understand.. When i pulled my arms back.. The velcro on the cuff came undone it was still around my arm as if not undone.. I do believe some of the clicking sound now when I heard the lock in responce to Jones was the velcro peeling off my shirt as I moved my arms.)

....and we were all like phew.. as she took my blood pressure a few more times as we talked and it stayed steadily there... and said your done...

That is it..

She said you do know you just clinically died? ..

(she winked at me trying not to laugh...)

How did you remain conscious and in your body..

I said I grabbed the rail connection in my body and held it for dear life... litterally

I guess.. it just feels like grabbing the a set of metal rails and clinging to it with my hands with electrical current...

I said since I was totally conscious when I was dead I am a Casey Jones Zombie to now huh.. They both laughed.. lol ....

They said in their 20-30 years of practice they have never seen anything like this it defies all of what they were medically taught...

When the oral surgeon turned his back she laughed hard trying to suppress the sound.

I said,

"I seem to break the mold in many medical things.. I am not sure why I am allowed back and to stay.. I guess because I have many songs and books to write yet...

(.. as I thought I would like to railroad again and see the formation of the Heinzist Tribe manifest...but railroad there is no hope for me there now...if I am having AFIB reactions to the trains. )

They smiled.. and then said...

"That is it.. Your are done...."

I said really?

That fast?

He said not counting the numbing and paper work the actual tooth pulling and other part was 5 minutes...

I said,


He said,

"I will see you back in here two to three times for more implants.. and then with your teeth implants or bridges..."

I then I got the image from the dream of the little trains on the bridges.. as I laughed he said what...

I had a strange dream this morning of little trains on bridges where my molars were woke up laughing...

I now see what the dream meant...

I said but I only earn 3-5 dollars a month so I can not afford that.

He said you need to have them what was done to you was really wrong I will pay for them I said how can you afford that he laughed and said well I am an oral surgeon lol...

Then both of them laughed.

I said thank you thank you bowed he said stop no leaning forward father than that for two weeks for to long...

and she will give you the rest of the orders I said ok thank you...

...as i commented it was interesting when I walked in everything looked really old.... but as i was walking out everything looked crisp and young... Seems to be coming for many who fear doctors procedures to be aware of this fear based deception...

:) ..

I said interesting how fear changes your perception like that.. they smiled.

the oral surgeon.. he said I left you a lil gift in your gauze...

I did say as he pulled the bone fragment out he offered to give it to me i said if it to hard to do the hole thing just a couple little fragments...

They replied, Remember saying,

"If there is any small pieces of metal that say anything I want a couple of those to prove that something was really in my mouth him and his assisent smiled and perked up...."

I said yes, it felt like you pulling thumb tacts out of my jaw...or how i would imagine that...to feel.."

He smiled walked off did some encouraging hand signs to me I did some back then stepped over to talk to the assistent but was dizzy and confused by the lights...

He said I hope you enjoy your implants,,, my ride got really hostile what implants.. I said i do not have any implants he said just kidding you do not have any as we turned our head and winked. :) .. I said thank you. I said he means to support the broken bone he removed from me.. she said oh ok...

..... they went out and talked a moment....

As his assistent said,

"She said he left you little gift in your gauze

He says they had engravings on them

but I think he added them he did say he added happy day message and some symbols.. sides with no post... he said the post side of them.. he said was already engraved but she thought he somehow did that as a gift... but she said both of them know I will be very interested in what they say.

Is the chip number your social security number or anything personal" I said no... just was the chip number on a total eclispe bubble gum package I was saving to sell to some number collectors.. people buy stupid things with 666 ... in it... That was small rfid chip on the package...

As we found pins with..... sabatoged teeth .. broken upper jaw bone... ....

(Was scared still or I would not have responded to most of these questions.)

You do not believe you are the anti christ right? No.. that is rediculous of course not. I nor any alts of mine believe in that hoopla... that bullocks...

I said I claim to be dark and light and all about balance.. and I love Jesus I just do not do the saved thing..

...because I refused to put my sins and wrong doings on Jesus I rather go to hell then do that to someone I love. You do not force someone you love to suffer for the wrong you do or did...

I take responsibility for my own actions... and I know the powers at be accept my doing this,.. especialluy last september... I hope Lord accepts me after what I been through... :( ..... and now this..

They said what is this about your stories... I said I wanted to be just like stephen king but I write demonic torture themes but I do not talk about those with people not interested in horror movie genre content..

They would take it wrong like my sister and accuse me of being Satanic and devil worshipper...

I am Heinzist I worship Spirit as in Holy Spirit, Great Spirit mystery and accept all religions touch on some aspect of G-d or divine...

Are you trying to make one world religion. I said no.. my path is about bridging the gaps of religions not doing away with them.

I said look up Heinzism and Heinzist Tribe... He said NWO? i said That is the Amish part, I accept worldly more than traditional Amish.. he said oh i see.. that makes sense....

I said I do not usually bring up religion or spirituality around people I do not know unless it is spiritually open chat room or something like that...

I said I do make jokes about the number 666... but everyone I went to school with in my generation did jokes about 666 and 69 they both laughed.. but again I watch a person closely... if they do not like it I stop.. as I will not harass...

He asked did you ever claim to be the Anti Christ online? I said no.. I said I used to work in a goofy new world order themed chat and played mind control slave and the admin pretended she was anti christ.. but the disclaimer was posted numerous times that is was theatre...and for entertainment only...

He said did you even claim to be Black Pope?

I said.. Yes, As April fools joke....

I posted a fake cnn news article it showed a photo of me and the headline about how I was the new black pope and taken over the Illuminati.. but when you click to read the article it showed silly toothy meme and April fools joke message.. I said a whole bunch of us were making fake jokes like that having fun...

He said do you know that some see the black pope as the anti christ?

I said oh crap.. is that where they are getting that anti christ crap from?

I said no I did not know that....

It was also a play on words off of my Black Irish heritage and one of name in my family that was... the last name... Pope...

He said do not do that or 666 jokes anymore.. as we do not think you know the difference between reality or fantasy...

I said that is bullshit. I know fully the difference.. It is sad that people do not know the difference between theatre, acting, jokes and my alters or what I believe...

He said it says one of your alts were formed out of acting.. I said Mother Nature was formed out of acting and severe trauma.. I was fighting 100s of people daily on the school ground getting abused and yelled at as Mother Nature... the idiot playground supervisors instigated most of that crap.. but I used it as nickname cause no one would listen to me as Dna but they all listened to Mother Nature.. and I just wanted to save the earth and make this world a better place and we did and gradually most of those I fought became my friends in the end or at least stopped fighting...

I can pretend a character for forever and it never form into an alter... It is when I am playing a role and then I am traumatized during the role playing that creates a possible alter...

The oral surgeon said to me...

No singing, no talking, no dancing,.. no train wheels dance at all.

I said what?

.. this is going to kill me...

He said show me how you do that train wheels dance he said oh that is okay it looks more jerky and jarring on your cam I said that is my internet streaming doing that I move fluidly he said looked like closer to your face on cam I said when I first started I was closer to my face but I had to realign and readjust cause I did not want to get myself in the face... and I barely grazed my face a couple times with my sharp nails scared the crap out of myself...

He then took my pulse they were worried I was jarring myself or AFIB was happening when I danced in this manner.. but neither was....

I do not want no train wrecks in my dnatureofdtrain shows... or at all...

He asked what is this thing you do by your eye.

I said R means Rails and looking down the rails guiding each other.. I said similar to what the compass means in masonry he smiled.. I said we in Heinzist tribe also call the Heinzist way the rail ... its a salute wishing love, blessings, respect and guidance... and the pinky is up for number 1 .. as in all is one...

and this is circle of trust... it has other meanings too.. but when we show this sign to non tribals that is what we are doing a respectful salute.

He said be careful with that as people may not understand.. I said I know.... I used my sign since I was 13 yrs old and fully understand the misunderstandings..

The woman asks are you a ruby too fan of ruba? I said yes, but I used the sign long before I heard of him. But it is awesome they do it as well.

Back to the gifts in my gauze... They thought I would be very very interested in what it says on them...

The side of the pins the oral surgeon added said

Happy Casey Jones day, and some symbols of hope and transformation :) .

They told me no singing or dancing for three days I said none at all..

I wanted to cry..

We finally ..

We agreed I can dance as long as it was gentle and on my breathing and I did not lean forward farther then a certain distance and my hands and arm movements go no where near my face at all..

Other than my salute as I have no bones protecting me and it can easily damage or kill me if I am hit in the face.

They recommended I buy a protective gear mask..

I said how bout a hockey mask...

We then all broke out in laugher

and Jones said, " .. no no ... no ..."

I said,

"ok no .. "

Your right I would be confused with the wrong Jones and it sort of defeats the purpose to wear a facial guard that you can not see your face on... when I just had my face altered to look more as I want it to....

He said,

"We usually recommend a baseball cap with c flap would work.. He then stopped and said oh no...

I think I just killed you..."

I said,

"I could...but that might make me dizzy.. "

I said yeah it would....

He said you usually shop on amazon right,"

"he said this this and this masked would do try these... Just look up guards for broken noses those would be enough. I know with your fast arm skills you will be able to deflect most of any attack that comes at your face..."....

"He said I think you will like the safe t one it can go with your train theme... Both of these you could decorate too..."...

I said,

"ok thanks I will look it up...."

Then they said no carbonated drinks I said awh man I just put some juices in my room...

She said juices are ok..

I said they are carbonated juices..

I like the feeling in my mouth feels good...

She said sorry you can go three days just three and two weeks

I said yeah I... can I hardly drink carbonated items anymore.. just to help with my throat at times,...

She said very very important after you eat and drink something before you get up and go to bed for a long time..

It says you do not sleep for long periods of time but you might...

Just make sure when you do you always do a peroxide rinse..

I mis heard her say one half a cup full of peroxide and one water I said what?

That is to much she said no its not 50/50

I said one cup full she then laughed and realized what I misheard and she said no cap full..

I said oh that makes more sense I said I can do that I like that feeling in my mouth..

She said first three days just rinse.. and later you can enjoy the feeling and softly swish but if there is alot of blood just do rinses....

.. and she reminded me to keep doing gauze until the bleeding stopped and how to do it...

She said I know you will not use all of that for your teeth but you have many many many kitties ...

I said how do you know that? She said...

Casey everyone here knows you! ..

Everyone ...

My ride said really?


We all know Caseys spider song, and kitties, and writings..

and Casey is celebrity you don't know this? ...

She said,

"I thought you were kidding about that... to me.. and shook her head smiling and stepped out the door a moment..."

As she whispered to me about the gift and make sure I do not choke on it...

He says he took it out of your mouth but I do not think he really did... I think he made them ahead of time... But he did grind something metal up in your mouth....eat lots of bread...

She said go out this way it is faster exit... she whispered.. trust me you will want to go out this way... it is faster... she whispered. You have paparazi waiting for you...

I said ewey.. paparazi serious?... She said yes.. I said tell them I am Amish I only use photos when it is related to my work or peforming... she laughed... .. oh no the snake photo.. she laughed and said yeah.. I said that is so strange facebook said only 10 people looked at it.. but more than that showed me it on their phones on the way in.

My oral surgeon made it clear the hospital security said I should not be in public at all for my own safety without VIP Celebrity Executive security... And to research that...

I said how am I to pay for that on 3-5$ dollars a month earning sometimes I am lucky and get 30-50$ a month but I am so screwed...

They suggested I hide out with the Amish I said my biological Father died.. and I have no idea if the other community will still accept me now with the rumors and hype... They asked wait you took almost two years to cross a railroad track... I said yeah.. i hardly go into public and chances until i go to the dentist or here again I will not be in public again until then...

He said you also need to get a Talent Agent or Talent Manager ASAP Me and hospital security think that is what they were trying to tell you in code when they ordered you to get a handler.... I said oh that makes sense.. in the conspiracy theories they do usually say that is who their celebrity handlers are.... He said you can do that and do your Casey Jones impersonation and look a like thing now... as well as your psychic and performances.. this also would have to validate that you are a performer and entertainer... I said ok....No idea how i am going to afford any of this though....He said next time you come if you do not have your own security hospital security will want to meet and escort you... I said how do I explain this to my family?... They think I am full of it when I state the celebrity thing....

My oral surgeon said how do I tell your fans you left?

I said my fans? He said yes, you have many many fans and supporters gathered outside our office all over the hospital.

I said I for years jokinly said that some day they will say "The Train has left the station" like when they say "Elvis has left the building.." He laughed and said perfect he said just stand here a moment and listen.

So he opened the room to the small lobby, and opened the door outside the lobby, and he ran down the hall and yelled.

"The Train has left the station, the Train has left the station The Train has left the station!"

I then heard one yell, Well how in the hell is Casey doing! Tell us!. He said Casey. is good.. well The Train is running well.. The Train has left the station and is doing well and is on his way back home to his personal private community...

That is when the floor rumbled from soft to really loud echoing like thunder then forming a railroad beat like sound echoing the halls so loud it was louder than thunder.... proceeded by chants of...

"We love you Casey! We love you Casey!...."

I stood there with chills up and down my spine..

and my ride yelled.. What in the hell was that?

The oral surgeon ran back down the hall and asked.. Did you just hear that! That is amazing!...

She asked what was that.. I said it was my fans... I hope no one got hurt as this is hospital.... He said no no one got hurt do not worry about.. but I am sure alot of people jumped...

Then over the Hospital speaker came the announcement....

"The Train has left the station and is running well and returning to his personal private community" Then I heard more cheers.. as people started to leave.."

I said always dreamed someday they would say that.. I never imagined all of this... I said it is awesome.

I thanked him, and said tell the hospital I am sorry I attracted all this drama, and attention....

They guided me to leave... It was a maze and guessing game to get out of there but we did pretty well....

We found some bathrooms I looked around I said anyone in there..

She laughed said,


I said,

"Well if that many people know me as Casey in my internet performances I am known as man ... to avoid the dating creeps.. I don't want bathroom drama."

She laughed and said,

"Nope... empty lol... so we both went to the bathroom... "

and I was confused I was like where is the buttons for the soap ... finally held my hand under and went

oo sci fi..


she laughed and said... automated..

I said yeah then the paper towel dispenser is automated too ..

I laughed as I dried my hands okay where it the automated trash?

lol.. Oh just a hole in the sink we laughed...

wandered through the maze..

many again waving and smiling making snake comments..

We got to some little kids going,

"mommmy! mommy no no I dont want to look like that.."

My ride kept walking I pulled her back and said tell them I got my teeth pulled...

She said to them,

"Are you hear to get your teeth pulled? ... "

They said,

"no, just a sore throat..."

Don't worry you will not look like that that is from the dentist she got some teeth pulled lol...

They asked me is that true I said yes...

I had broken teeth ... and they needed out...

They said awh sorry. I said its ok...

I said you will not look like this from a sore throat..

So I will not look like that from a sore throat?

I said,

"no... then made a little heart shape at them we smiled.. and the kids and parents said,

"thank you.. and we walked on...the other child said mommy.. spider song.. and gestured at me, I nodded and gestured back,, then waved.. as i heard the parents saying nah.. probably just looks like them... as the dad looked at me and said are you? I said yes... as he told them i said yes and they happily ran on too."

My Ride had said,

"That felt strange..

but it felt good I was glad to help :) ..."

I remembered once being a child myself walking by someone just like me that had something with their mouth.. and I too had sore throat and was scared :)

... I thought how awesome was that...

As we walked out and waved to other snake comments and I signed thank you, and said "wee" on the elevator as it started and stopped... or more like ..aaah... ahhh..

With a mouth full of gauze lol...

I enjoyed the ride home counted two railroad tracks under bridges realizing we crossed over them on the way in and I did not catch where but I did say we crossed two tracks and three ghost tracks lol...

(Later I discovered the tracks ran by the highway and run under it and appeared one went under the hospital as well.,..or very close to under it...)

But I jokingly said ghost tracks at some odd gates that appeared to be no where on the highway..

I said they said a railroad track is near here so that is probably what that is about... to try to keep space in the traffic ... she said oh that makes sense...

We road awhile as I was spacing out in my daydreams... as I thought how it was sort of odd there was hardly an traffic at all on our route... and then...

At one point someone got confused and cut us off came close to hitting us as i grabbed the steering wheel, and my ride just as well turning in time... We both looked at each other and said that was close... I jokingly went again Again :) .. she said ... no.

I then saw railroad museum signs and then realized were were in east troy,,...

and then arm pumped when I saw my road to home...

We walked in early it seemed like traffic was all clear for us and everything went super faster than what it would be my appointment was at 9 it is an hour and half drive and we were back by lunch time...

As my dad made tacos..

and I said no not suppose to eat for three days

I admit I tried a tiny piece of meat threw my hands up and wandered off lol..

I was still to numb to chew at all. felt like a big piece of puddy...

the kids laughed :) ...

I wandered up to my room immediately logged into chat said a couple funny words..

then took photos of myself...

Then changed my gauzed forgot about the gift...

I started to choke on it managed to fish it out of my throat throw it into a separate plastic bag then rinsed my mouth changed the gauze then laid down a bit listening to train songs my awesome chat friends played for me and Ozzy songs...

live performances they were doing they rocked...

I got back up repeat..

to repeat the rinses and changes.. and eventually fell asleep.... handling it way better than I had imagined....


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