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8 Track Work 2019

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Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks

Track Work 2019

written on 7/3/2019

I was Having odd pains all week in my arms and legs along my track connection... felt like pings, stabbing pains and burning.. And odd muscle spasms.

I was not aware of what was going on.. for sure.. I suspected Fibromyalgia or railroad empathy....

I then got with chest pains the images of Rails parting..... So, I would acknowledge the rails were parted by railroad workers and do some breathing and calm down and the pain would fade off...

I then looked for proof only clue I could find was road closures but it did not state for railroad work..

So I would ask around and get verification this way... The verification is important so I can ground the pain sensations out faster.. or they sit, sting, and linger..

This is why it is also important I get railroad news verifications.. and why I do follow the railroad news religiously. The other thing this does is it stops the information coming in 6th sense wise... if I already receive it otherwise.. ...except in rare occasions.

I know many will take the other route.. Do not tell Casey Heinzism because we do not want to "psychologically upset them".. But this is not the route to go tell me Straight Facts.. When, Where and What.. and do not be surprised if I start to finish what you are saying as it comes to me.. about the event, had I not read it.. Which helps me release it.. so I do not internalize it and become ill from it...

I complained of odd spasms in my chest on and off for about a week felt like my chest was pulling out of my chest.. getting images of pulling a track bed out of the mud... and digging the rails out...

It got strong one day..

So.. I went to my computer.. and I looked up railroad information.. I found they were suppose to work on the railroad Tracks it said Friday for railroad crossing closures.. So I was excited to watch Railroad trucks flying up and down the road.. and lots of Rock Trucks with Ballast.. but I was concerned they were going 90 miles an hour.. I said,

"What in the hell they doing? Racing for the golden spike?..."...

As my Family would laugh...

I got all excited and kept going outside on and off looking forward to some railroad trucks coming down the road.. nothing much happened....

I then had the horrible pains and image of digging tracks out of the mud... Followed by watching them take down the Wig Wag.. of Lima Center Road.. I felt very sad....

I then wondered if this is what I really was feeling in my railroad empathy....As I heard a slow moving truck.. and went to the window.. and through the maple tree leaves.. I wiped my sleepy eyes.. and I saw it roll by my families residence I was visiting at...

I panicked.... and said, "No, No, No! I did not just see that? What in the.. NO! .."

I thought someone said they would let me know ahead of time so I could get videos and photos... What the in the Hell, the paper said tomorrow?.. As I also heard Jones yell.. "You missed the train!" Then he went off into an odd panic.. brought out by the sounds of loud pops that sounded like gun shots on the roof, so I started to yell. You gun happy mofos! Your hitting the roof with that shit Knock it off!.. and said softly.. or.. I'll Eat you" and sighed... as I went downstairs...listening no further sounds.....

I knew I had to ground these negative and angry emotions out of my energy and one way to ground or earth the energy is to eat... And I did not have lunch... So, I reheated a small piece of chicken ate it fast.. Then looked out the window and saw people coming by with a Big Digger... I figured that was from road construction....

I then looked up from that to the clock and the clock said 2:42....

And I immediately had pain in my head and Chest..

and felt pulled into Jones wreck.. as I said,

"No, Jones.. Stay in 2018..

Jones said,

"it is not me this time it is you.." And he gently slowed the train down.. and I ran cold water on my hands and splashed my head and face.. And then bent down to grab the dish to water my cats...

As I said,

"Hello Choo Choo Chewie!,

and Aphrodiiiiiite!...

You tirsteee!..."

As They replied licking their lips and swallowing..

I said,

"Chewie you got your muddy paws in the dish again.. but its ok... "

So, I then splashed it off the porch filled it up.. but stumbled as I was Dizzy.. I then set it on the porch.... And then leaned in the doorway rubbing my wrists stating,

"on track, on track, on track.."

Then I stood up to close the door.. and heard.. a voice...

"Are you okay?"

.. I said,

"oh, you are..

No, you are not here for me.. .."

"He said, Yes, I am a lot of people are.."

I said,

"huh?"...."Yes, I am ok.... I am confused.."

He said,

"You seem confused.. You seem to be talking to Trains and Greek gods or something."

I broke out laughing....

I said, "Not again...."

He looked behind me like what?...

..as I then said,

"nah my Cats there is named Chewie, and that one is Hades and Aphrodite.."

I said,

"To them that is your names right? as my cats all shook their heads yes lol... wildly in nods.."" as he laughed..

He then asked if they are being cared for.. I said yes, I have two Elderly ones that are losing weight.. though is why they look so bad.. But they are very well cared for.. one is 19 years old, other is 9, and other two and 2 years old... I used to have more but many got stolen or disappeared not sure what happened to them.."

I normally have 11 cats on average... Their big food dish is full of food on the back porch water is over here.. We seperate the dishes or they tip the water and make a mess.. Just easier to water on this porch anyhow..."

He replied, "ok good.."

I said,

"Nah you are not here for me you are construction worker.. Wait, Did my family have you do work today.." ..

As he then said,

"No, We did up.. gave a nervous look... the work and was passing by and wanted to know if you were ok you looked like you were struggling.."

I said,

"Yeah.. just.. a headache is all thanks..."...

"He Said, Yes. Me and my friends wanted to ask you something..."

I glanced at the Digger bucket, and I accidentally interrupted and said,

"That is your boom.. You had a helluva time getting dem tracks outta the mud din't yeah and laughed.."

"His jaw dropped and said,

"You would not believe...

..Wha? Wait who told you?..

Wait we did not tell anyone?..

What railroad worker told you?..

I said,

"You guys just did with your boom..." .. "He looked confused and ran and told his friends what I had just said to him...."

They then...said..

"Are you.. Casey Heinz.. As he yelled to his friend how do you say it.."...

As he yelled I know you are.. I went to school with you also known as Mother Nature! as I laughed...

I replied,

"Yes, I am Casey Heinzism.. I do not like to tell people but it seems everyone knows it now anyhow..."

He said,

"I am not sure I believe you... You seem.. Like you are not him.. Well, that is okay.. Everyone is entitled to their rights, opinions, and beliefs but I am him, and DNatureofDTrain... Believe as you wish. He said,

"I think you are lying..."

I smirked..

Partially closed the door to step back behind it in the shade and posed in the window like I do my cam...

As I said,..

"okay believe as you wish.."

Then Grinned and Left the door part open and stood in a shadow as I said,

"Heeeey yooooo! Welcome to the DNatureofDTrain shoooow.. Have a good day or night wherever you are, and today is the theme of dance.. and I beat boxed.. a little.. and Said,

"Boom Your Face.. Boom... Liar Liar Liar lalalala Liar Liar la la la ... "

..and then just kept my arms going into the Train wheels, then pistons, the wave.. and then a little.. and Then did an image of a railroad crossing signal somehow as by then I let the railroad energy lead my arms... and then drew a wig wag.. and falling and then looked down and wiped an imaginary tear.."

He said,

"Man, you are him wow.. That was just so awesome how you just said that.. We thought your moving that fast was sped up camera effects you are fast.."....

As he replied....

"Yes, it is gone now.. we just took it down today we tried to get your attention.. We tried to call you.... But.. people hung up on us or did not answer.."....Did you get to see it?

I said,

"Yes, barely through the tree but I saw the signal post and The Wigwag light..."

And then well got sort of emotional about it which is odd for me..

He said,

"It is sad it was there for 100 years and still worked good.."

"Why take a perfectly good item out of service.."

They call it progress... and signed crazy...

I said,

"Increasing the Track Speed.. it does not warn enough ahead of time.. I think..."

He said,

"I do not know where they are taking it to.." I said the North Freedom Railway museum most likely.. or Mid continential.. I forget the name off hand I call It North Freedom or Freedom North... I think it is Mid continential.. mostly old.. CNW Chicago North Western...

I said,

"I know.. I said,

"wait if you work for the railroad you better go instead of talking to me.. With railroads these days finding excuses to cut employees left and right this time his other friend heard me and said she is right.. As he was coming to get him.."

He said,

"Your neighbor wants your phone number?"

He Said this is weird,

"Can I have your phone number?"

I yelled,

"I don't date Sorry..."

He turned beat red... And said not in that way.. just friends just friends and they all laughed.. and picked on him shot down! ...

I said who? He yelled his name but I did not catch it.... I went to school with you I just moved in down the road.. You always said it was awesome out here.. I never thought I would be your neighbor you can walk down and visit and hang out if you want sometimes and talk.. Can I have your phone number...? "

I said I would but I can not afford many minutes yet.. I do not give out the family house number because we got seriously call raided by a bunch of harassing morons.... but I did get a hypnosis job so that might change....."

I also am not sure with this weird investigator and such... from the Casey Jones story so I been sort of hiding...

He Said,

"I know your story is true and I know who Curator and Sister Val is.. They were stupid enough to run around and brag about what they did!... I said please be nice to them as I think someone manipulated them into that.."

His co worker said,

"oh come, come on, people can not make people do that stuff?"

He replied,

"You obviously are not from Milton, Whitewater, or Janesville.. Wisconsin....You would be amazed there is a lot of manipulation around here.. More than you can imagine.. Especially with her.. We all witnessed it! I know much of her story was true we witnessed the MIB Men in Black messing with her... and following her around.."

He asked his buddy if he knew if I took care of my cats like I said.

He replied she sure does she takes in sick ones and helps them too..

He said he thought of taking them in to the shelter...

His other buddy dragged him back on the boom.. and the neighbor grabbed him by the shirt collar and said if you cost her her cats I will personally Beat the Sqwat out of you myself....

I said, "uh oh you better go that woke a resident up.." and I do not want you all into trouble..

So they put it in full throttle and it sped off down the road pass the property..."

I just laughed....

By then another resident ran to the window wanting to know what was going on.. I said oh nothing just a fight over my cats.. He looked at me funny.. I said some old friends... saying hello too..

They wanted to make sure the feral cats were still being cared for do to my elderly cat's weight loss...

He said


I had many thoughts in my head as they rolled away.. One remembering years ago I had an odd dream.. That when the wigwag goes down I would have a knight in shining armor arrive on a Digger and help me.. I laughed at the dream I remembered.. and thought with the phone number thing... Oh Hell no.. I am married to that railroad lol... Not its workers.. lol.. As I then resumed crawling back into bed listening to trucks with rattling rails fly by and more rock... As I would sit up to catch a glimpse of them...

The next day the big Friday of the road closure I saw nothing and waited outside got bored then went back to my computer...

I then felt Rattling railroad track energy as it came closer.. I knew that was no passing Train.. So I then heard a truck throw its brakes and felt a suddenly rattle echo from a track into my track connection in my arms.. I was like what in the hell?... I felt this a couple of times...

I then stood up went to the window... There it was.. a Big Truck with a railroad track set in the flat bed a panel of snap track... As I thought.. I am looking at the new railroad crossing!... I do not know how I know it is a railroad crossing... that I see... I am.. But, I am looking at the new railroad crossing!...

I then heard the man leaning out the window yelling.. At them to move.. I did not see anyone in view.. until Sister Val pulled up and said,

"You are not bringing that for D- are you?" "He said,

"no.. I am bringing it to the railroad"

As he looked at her funny.. As she said,

"Wave to Dana.. um Wave to Casey Jones.. um Casey Heinzism right there.."

They look and stated.. We do not see anyone.. You want us to wave to a bunch of cats.. I looked down and my cats are shaking their heads yes.. Oh, They are cute bunch though...

They then laughed.. and my cats all together looked up at the window looking for me... Then one says oh someone is there?

... I see them now they then backed the truck up and waved at me.. And then signal crazy.. I said me? and frowned he said no ...

He then signed.. imitating how she was driving nut in the road and him peddling nutty then came by.. and said crazy coo coo and then drew a path pointing at them..

I laughed so hard..

He then said I know you!

I said,

"you do?" ..

He Said,

"drawing a big wrench... And imitated going upstairs and grabbing papers and imitated handing them to me..

I nodded,


He then imitated holding the wrench and slamming it down. and a jump... laughing...

I then smiled..."

It turned out when I applied to the railroad company.. I had to go to the roundhouse in Janesville, Wisconsin. He mistaking me for a railroad fan coo coo..

(little did he know lol..)

.. He tried to run me off.. Then went up to the office to grab my application paper.. Then picked on me saying,

"I bet you can not lift this wrench.. You want to try?"

I said,

"Sure, I will try..

...I bet you I can had troubles at first getting my fingers under it but .. As soon as I did lifted holding it up like the Sword pulled out of the stone."

"Holding.. it above my head with both hands like a Sword, big handle down.."..

Then he said,

"I bet you can not one handed.. As I let go with one hand he got nervous...

"but do not hurt yourself.. Careful.. " As he put his hands under it in case I would drop it...

I said,

"ok.. used leverage on my arm held it to him one handed :) .." .... I was shaking a little.. but I did it....

... As then one of the annoying railfans peaked in.. and he said get out of here! now.. I caught a peak... and then laughed...

I said,


He said..

"that was not you.."

I laughed he said it was to those crazy.. Coo coo! coo coo! as he said it in sign language..

I laughed so hard,, I said you do Lakota and american sign too?

He said,

"Yes, I have family.. and I learned the other sign in boyscouts.. It comes in handy at times on the job too..."

I said,

"I learned from my heritage the Lakota one.. and the other just was interested in it.."

My ride then showed up I waved at him and almost rail saluted him but figured he did not know the sign so I did a peace sign instead and walked off.. Smiling as I got into the truck and went home....

It seemed to me the energy of the wrench was tingling in my hand still.. So I closed my eyes to see it... Not sure if that is what it was.. But it appeared he was doing wrenching work on a diesel engine transformer... that day.. If I got the part right.. I admit I still do not know diesel engines.. Most likely EMD9? Shrugs lol...

So I drove my family crazy repeating I saw a railroad track today and the railroaders said you all coo coos! Even my other nephew laughed so hard at that.. he told me about them screaming in front of the truck at each other..

I was like gee thanks..

Not seeing anymore railroad...

....stuff now coo coos holding them up...

But what was said next made me laugh..

"You not going to spank him are you?"

I said, "nah.."

He said,

"it was an accident... Sister val was yelling at him to hurry out of the road.. and he tipped on his bike..."

I found out later when I went outside.. to soak up the track vibes lol... that my nephew kept hiding from me.. found out from the other one.. Sister Val said..that I was going to beat him for holding up the railroad work lol...

I remember years ago my other nephew did the same mistake in front of another truck hauling rails.. in the 1980s.. There was a big Traffic jam of railroad workers we set up our boom box and sang and danced to them as they passed.. We made sure to be both silly and awesome lol... We had blast..

And a couple months ago.. I felt embarassed... .... and my other nephew.. Ran in front of a Geometry truck.. and I was like oh shit... omg..

When that Worker yelled I am railroad worker and this is very expensive truck and equipment! What in the hell are you doing! ..

He then got a tongue lashing from the rest of the family...

He was in Shock that I did not lash him too.. I said.. I think the others tongue lashed you enough for it.. But.. you know how I feel about playing Chicken.. Bwuck Bwuck. :D

But only good thing about stupid family.. is I got to see these trucks... So.. I guess sometimes.. Good things can come from stupid people...

I used to dream years ago.. That if I could not get to the railroad.. The Railroad would come to me... and It seems to be doing just that in these odd little ways.. The last way was also dramatic to me...

They tried to put in the Great Lakes Basin

Railroad not to far from where I live...

I as much as I would admit I would have loved to seen it go in.. but, I could not be selfish enough to let them take the property of my neighbors and many others through eminent domain..

I am against Eminent domain land stealing..

I have fought many times.. to help keep places from doing that locally... one time..


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