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6 June 15th, 2018 Follow Up Questions

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June 15th, 2018 Follow Up Questions

June 15th, 2018 Follow Up Questions

A lot of this does not logically add up.

I contacted my oral surgeon by email for a follow up.

Then he contacted a relative of mine and told me to stop emailing him follow up questions and all he did was pull my wisdom teeth and nothing else.

He told my relatives, all he did was pull my teeth, I did not have an implants, and said I was delusional, and that I had signed my emails as Casey Jones.

My relatives believed him... and are acting like I had some big delusion about it.

So I said ok if it is delusion then take me to the hospital right now lets get my face and head x-rayed and get this over with.

They refused..

I said, ok call someone who can then. I feel like this was big nasty framing set up... I will never do business with those guys again.

A they could not hit simply click a reply to my emails and just state,

"All we did is pull your teeth, we did not do nothing to your jaw so there is no need to follow up."

Instead they called and talk to a relative without my permission breaking HIPPA laws..instead of doing it the right way and talking to me.

I thought there was no way I could find out the proof in this without getting my medical records.. Then I remembered... Wait.. my ride was in the appointment most of the time. They rushed her out during the blood pressure thing, and they had her leave the room when he was telling me all that helmet face guard details...

So on June 21 I asked her if she remembered The oral surgeon saying this to me about implants. She said yes, and she was very mad about that. I told her what happened with the call and how he lied saying I just signed my name as "Casey Jones." in my emails. I had not signed my name as Just Casey Jones since I was 18 years old. I always sign is a like this,

My legal name,

aka Casey Heinzism


or Just Casey Heinzism DNatureofDTrain .. but when i pertains to matters of medical records, or legal things I always sign at least my first name... or First and Last name.

I was told I can send my Doing Business As paper through email to safely verify my identity without sending my state id, or anything like that. So I did send the papers to Verify both that since the railfan ran in there calling me Casey Heinzism that I am indeed Casey Heinzism, and it is legal for me to use my Doing Business As name in almost anything I use my legal name on. My Doing business As name is registered as s web performer, singer, writer, minister, and pen name... Although for former ministry papers I use my legal name of course...

I have been very upset, as I did buy a helmet and a face guard... And I did show photos of that as well... I do not need the helmet or the Face guard...

I also talked with my ride about some other unethical things that were said, done, and did when she was out of the room... As I was upset. It really made me feel better to know she does remember the important things, and I do have a witness if I decide to take legal action.

They had no reason to question me about my religion like that either... He also tried to convince me that I had serious health issues I do not have. He had me with a mouth full of metal shards, told me I should immediately go in for an MRI of my brain for this issues... What would happen if someone goes in for a Catscan or MRIi with a mouth full of metal shards? I know any time you go in for an x-ray they always say.. To remove all metal... So that does not sound good to me...

I had revoked all my positive views of this man. I think his assistant was genuine though.

And why on earth put the metal in my gauze instead of inside of my bag, they gave me for the toothpaste and such.. like they could not hid the "two novapins" in there...

One thing I am fed up with is people trying to stir more drama between me and my family. My family has enough of that on their own, so don't I. Just when things calm down and improve. Some outsider like this liar... has to step in and start more drama.

I just refuse to discuss with with my family, this is not right.

I will keep focusing hard on my writings, my songs, my other work, and self improvement, and hopefully I will reach the point that family drama and outside liars will no longer have a negative impact on my life.

Getting those infected teeth out is part of my road of improving my health. If the oral surgeon lied.. I can say one thing...

I am still all Naturally me... :).


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