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14 The Woods is gone.

2020-09-16 (Last Update: Fri, 18 Sep 2020) Casey Heinzism 0 Uncategorized

14 The Woods is gone.

August 29th 2020 by Casey Heinzism

Today, I went outside to look in the direction of The Old Woods.

The land had been cleared. The Woods, is gone.

My family and I are hardly talking with each other.

I have nothing nice to say to them at this time...

So, it is best I do not talk to them.

I will let them answer to my Grandpa's spirit, and the Lord in the end.

After I finished Eating.. I went outside...

I saw what I thought was an African woman in the clouds after I saw the woods was gone and stood in the sprinkling rain..

I thought since I am to weak to cry, The skies are crying for me...

I saw the same thing after they left with the trees..

The railroad and them hauling them off with the Thankful Flagmen.

The Image in the cloud formation...

In the Sky...

I thought I saw an African Woman with a sheild, looking at a snake...

I said go get em lol the snakes.. I then said,

"Nah, Be nice the humans are stupid, and at least these ones attempted to honor the trees... seem to be nice..."

I later was trying to show a crazy photo... I made to someone and found a photo I saved.

Then I realized it looked just like the image of Papa Ogun...

It looked like Papa Ogun with a sword, and a Sheild walking behind a snake going forward with a curled tail, as the clouds were drifting apart around it...

I thought that was neat...

Then the image faded into Many Dragons...

I also was just was attuned to Chinese Dragon Reiki too..

So that was neat to see symbols of transformation and guardians...

So many transformation and changing and death symbols lately.


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