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11 2019odddreamvision

2020-09-13 (Last Update: Fri, 18 Sep 2020) Casey Heinzism 0 Uncategorized

Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Trains

11 2019 Odd Dream and Vision

By Casey Heinzism

..after I was dismissed by the roadmaster and the MOW crew team...

I obviously was still pretty tranced out...

I then went back to my room found an article later about the continous rail...going in then went to sleep then woke up to many nervous kids who yelled up to me about seeing many police cars going by I had others notify me of this, wanting to know what was going?..

I said,

"I know it was to shut down another railroad crossing and roads as they worked on.. the tracks.. the railroad..."

..."Then and other road closures most likely... I then... I loaded up another video of continous rail welding... joked.. calling the video railroad yoga... as I shared it on Facebook."

I then I got dizzy and put on my arm guards, since I was having spasms in case I hit my arms hard in my sleep... and laid in bed and..

...I tranced deep saw myself laying in the center of a railroad crossing... watching as they attached and stretched the rail laid there with my hands between my knees from the arm stretching pain...

...shaking.. it looked like the MOW woman walked over to me.. and said,

"Omg are you okay? What in the hell are you doing here and on the tracks are you nuts?"

I said,

"I am not on the tracks.. I am laying in bed just day dreaming seeing this as if I am on the tracks.."

She said,

"No you are on the tracks let me help you up..."

Another man grabbed her and said,

"No, the tracks are Hot do not go near them,, I see it too.. She is not really there..."

I think she senses us worrying about her.. and she is telling the truth.. See.. you can see threw her like she is a ghost I heard stories of people seeing her on the tracks..

Maybe the tracks are trying to show us she is ok..

I said,

"Yeah, I am ok I am laying in my bed just hurting as they stretch that rail but the stretch feels good just hot.. very very hot..its hot,.. I am ok.. I am going to sleep now.. "

Then I closed my eyes and the railroad track image disapeared then I opened them and saw someone at the top of my stairs and yelled I am ok leave me alone! go away..

I then thought I saw the mow woman and then looked directly at her and she said, "ok I will let you sleep.."

I was still dreaming so reclosed my eyes to resume sleeping...

She said,

"What do we do if people see this kind of thing? Other man said.. What can we do?.. other than tell them it is some form of image projection and assure them she is ok..."...

I was thinking... Gee .. This railroad stuff sure makes me dream...oddly... I knew I was tranced.. but just in case... As soon as I cleared the vision and grounded... I got up and made sure no one was in my room.. then I went to bed and slept... I also asked around to make sure no one was...in my room.. they were all in their own TV show trancelands so it was not them...


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