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Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks - An Honored name

An honored name....

I was talking to my friend...

Who is traditional Cherokee...

About different cultures and ways different cultures received their names.

I often wondered what my Traditional Native Name would have been...

I joking said.. Mine would have been Touched by Lightning or something like that....

We laughed.. I used that as yahoo id but then found out someone had a book named that.. So out or respect for the author I immediately deleted that yahoo id.

And resumed my usual DNatureofDTrain id.

A couple weeks later..

It was Thanksgiving year 2002...

My friend was excited... as her Grandma was coming and she was traditional Tsalagi Elder...

She told her a little bit about me and asked her some questions but not much.

She would ask her things about my last name's history she knew of.

She said in that family was Wolf Clan, and they had a very well known

Ceremonial Elder.. They were sure this was my family...

Then we did not discuss much more than that... I also did not ask...

Her Grandma that did not discuss me as topic for a long time spent the night that Thanksgiving...

And on that night she had a dream and told my friend to tell me.

My Native name translates to Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks... The second part also translates to kindred Spirit.

I am named this for my ability to prevent Train wrecks and derailments in visions and dreams, work with the thunders, and I would have to learn the other meanings on my own she could not tell me.

My friend was in shock as she never discussed my visions and dreams with her grandmother, and in total surprise.

Her Grandmother knew that I had no way possible to Travel all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma naming Ceremony.. So she had my close my eyes as she described it to me.

I will not describe the details, as some ceremonies are not meant to be published about or discussed to keep them sacred.

They both also told me.. A Keeper name is a very very honored name, showed serious importance.

In railroad slang, a locomotive is also known as a Hawk, and one of my guides is also named Hawk.... I also have Red hawk as one of my totems, as many locally do.... As regional totem, and inherited.

Spirit Warrior, and Kindred Spirit is pretty well self explanatory..

"Keeper of the tracks"

Is loaded with meaning...

First off I work with thunder beings to keep and align weather tracks at times.. This is not to be confused with controlling the weather. No one can control the weather or thunder beings.

Usually my job with this is nothing more than for the safety of the community.. I do try to extend it when I can. I been known to work hard to try to end droughts when needed.. although like any other working partner ship sometimes.. Your work partners cooperate, sometimes they do not. Many locals still know me as "Mother Nature".. for my work with weather and animal spirits..

Many know, I channel energy from the railroad system for balancing and healing. I will explain this more in detail as my story goes along.

But the most common thing a person who knows me will immediately think of when I state "Keeper of the Tracks".. is well Yeah, You are the leader of the Peace Keeping Rails....

I also am a minister and I approached from the background of many spiritual paths, so I am also a Keeper of many Sacred Texts, and I am responsible for trying to keep people on track with their spirituality and faith and keep those texts in proper context. I see to often people quoting scriptures but out of context... or not knowing the meaning.. I however do not do this very often.

The other tracks I am known to be a Keeper of is songs... Most people know I love my song tracks and music and can often remember by heart songs way from my childhood that most by my age of 38 have forgotten.

I often shorten my name to Hawk Spirit, Keeper of the Tracks... But for me this is not an everyday you call me name. Although I was told to be proud of it and use it often, and take my position seriously.

They also stated.. But they expect me to break rules and not be serious at times do to my working with the thunder beings....

My Heinzism is an extension off the forwards backwards tradition as I do thinks both traditionally and non traditionally and I am always challenge society to think, and decide where they truly stand.

Now, I am sure the woman and her Grandma Elder was legitimately Cherokee... However, The internet is full of many scammers and liars, so it is possibly it was all a hoax.

However, this feels true and real and makes sense. The logical reasoning behind my name makes it sound very valid to me.

So I accept the name..

"Hawk Spirit, Spirit Warrior Keeper of the Tracks." But It feels better to me to shorten it to Hawk Spirit, Keeper of the Tracks.

This book is named this, as this book is centering around my dreams, visions, and psychic shamanic events.

Many will ask, well... Should I call you by this name?... I ask this name only be reserved to be use during honored occasions...

On a normal daily basis.

I preferred to be called Casey Heinzism or DNatureofDTrain.

My hawk name should only be used on very, very special occasions.

Thank you for visiting my site!. Please come back and visit again!


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